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Play Queue Sync

I have two Macs (one in the office, one at home) and an iPhone, using Play Queue has been very painful.


Mostly I really need to continue from where I stopped. I'm happy to see that recently Spotify remembers my local Play Queue, now please make it sync-able (Rdio does that).


Thanks in advance.

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I think the queue should sync with your mobile devices too, as Spotify doesn't have a library to store your music in, I think this would be a great way to keep track of music you want to play!


I feel like this is a pretty common scenario: I find some music I'm interested in listening to, add it to my queue on my laptop, and listen to it for a little while. Later, I have to go out, so I grab my phone so I can keep listening.


These two devices have no knowledge of each other, but I feel there's a wealth of information they can share between the two. Just having a queue that they can share is scratching the surface: having the ability to sync the queue for, say, and hour's worth of songs would be great, for adding songs that other people send me automatically to the queue, maps of where I listened to which songs and when, etc


This is the benefit of cloud software: make it sync!


Heh, I was surprised to learn that it doesn't already do this. Too used to Netflix, guess I take this for granted.


One tip to work around this feature gap: copy the remaining songs in the que to a new playlist (name it "Que" for example) when you leave the computer. Than you can continue listening where you left on the other device by playing the playlist.

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A similar idea has been suggested here:

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