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I think that a nice feature should be a play button from the search menu, I've created a mockup so you can get the idea. I find myself frustrated at times that I have to go to the album and find the song and then click play, would be nice if you could play it straight from the search thingy.


Let me know what you think, thanks.


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in the newest Desktop client there is no longer a Quick Search - therefore this topic will be closed.

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I agree! I was about to make this post and then found yours! Hopefully they listen

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I like this very much!

Agreed! Play from search!!


It's a great service already, this would be just another step in the Stairway to Heaven. Another leg of the pilgrimage to the Mecca of music that Spotify is.

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Potential extension: play button for all the search results.


For example: I am searching for 'DJ Kicks'. Search returns a lot of albums and I want to listen to all of them.


Would be nice if this could be implemented on the desktop version. Particularly for the Mac. It can be annoying to search for a track and then be forced to leave the page you're currently on, in order to play said track. It would be much more convenient simply to search for a track and click on a play button next to the track which will allow you to return to what you were doing before without having to switch the page.


Hope this makes sense.

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Hey folks, we also think this is a good idea. We've updated the status for you and we'll let you know if there is any news. Please continue leaving your votes and comments so we can pass them on internally. Thanks!

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Hi all, 

I also think it is a great Idea. I came here because I wanted to post similar idea - to play directly from search, not only track, byt also album/artist/playlist - whichever result of the search. 


My usecase I most of the time do in work to play some music to boost energy or focus. Most of the time, I wanto tu play some specific artist/playlist - i search it, then i need to open it and play it.

It will be great to just search it, and directly from the search result play it - I don't mind, if the screen changed or not. Just one (not necessary) click less.


P.S.: I use web player.

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Clever idea - I like!