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Sometimes I feel like mixing my dubstep with my trip-hop, or my classic rock with my newer rock... Better than keeping up with multiple playlists with the same music....

Updated: 2015-11-17

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Casual Listener

LIke I want to be able to hold down ctrl and select multiple playlists to play.




I'm testing spotify premium and I'm missing the option where we could hold down ctrl and select various radio options, mixing differenty types and decades.  Does anybody if it is available in this new version?





@tjpresley wrote:

Sometimes I feel like mixing my dubstep with my trip-hop, or my classic rock with my newer rock... Better than keeping up with multiple playlists with the same music....

Spotify Legend

One thing you could try is putting a selection of playlists within a Playlist Folder, and then when you click on that Playlist Folder, all the tracks located within that folder will be shown. Then, in the left hand side, you can click on seperate playlists if you just want to listen to that.


You can create a playlist folder by clicking on "File > New Playlist Folder"

Casual Listener

Ok that would work if I wanted to categorize  by a general genre. Rock, Electronica, Country, Instramental, etc. Now I want to mix classic rock and classic country... Do I create a new folder and copy the playlist into that folder. Still managing multiple playlists with the same music.


I also wouldn't put Sinatra and Hooverphonic in the same folder. Maybe I want some sort of broad lounge that day. I would put Sinatra and just some instrumental Jazz in the same folder. What if I didn't want to have the instrumental Jazz mixed?


This is really a step farther than folders.

Do playlist folders show up on mobile?
Casual Listener

It should be easy to just play all playlists, ramdomized. I save any new records I want to hear as playlists and would like to be able to play the whole bunch at once without creating a new playlist.

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Marked as new idea. However you could also use a workaround to achieve that: Go to top left Spotify Menu => File => New playlist folder.

Then just put the playlists you'd like to play together in the folder and you can play the complete folder. 😉

Music Fan

Agree, this would be fantastic and enable much more varied playing scenarios.


An example of how it would look in the gui is if you ctrl-click on a playlist it's added as one of the currently playing, indicated by the green loudspeaker icon to the right of the playlist, just like today.


Ctrl-click again on the same one and it's removed from currently playing collection.


Of course, you would also be able to use the right-click context menu on the playlist to do this.

Gig Goer

I gave my kudo to this a few months ago, but never left a comment. I would absolutely LOVE to have this feature. Currently, I have to move playlists around to various folders to imitate this functionality. But I have specific places where I want to keep said playlist. If the feature was implemented to allow the same playlist to be in multiple folders, this would make it easier.


But definitely easiest would be to check mark multiple playlists and have them play together.


Also would be nice to start a radio station based off of multiple playlists. Or at least a folder containing playlists.

Music Fan

This would make Spotify much more useful to me.  


Because Spotify enables on-demand song selection, it's perfect for creating playlists.  But I find over and over that when I want to play a mix of music, I go back to Pandora's Shuffle station, where I can arbitrarily pick from hundreds of stations I've created to make the perfect mix of music.   It's like a multiple-selection option for "Choose as Current Playlist", and it applies globally to my account, on PC, Roku, iPad, and Android.  


I'd prefer to use only Spotify Premium.  After all, it's the one I'm paying for: it's the one with on-demand song selection and off-line listening.  But lacking this seemingly simple functionality, I keep finding myself frequently back with Pandora when I have a wifi connection.

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