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Sometimes I feel like mixing my dubstep with my trip-hop, or my classic rock with my newer rock... Better than keeping up with multiple playlists with the same music....

Updated: 2015-11-17

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I can't believe this isn't a feature. i recently moved from Grooveshark to Spotify thinking it is more polished but miss this feature (in Grooveshark ) so much, I might go back.


The feature is simply some queuing system. Playlists are great for organising types of music etc for future reference but quite often I want to mix these up to listen to but certainly don't want to start creating new playlists or folders for a day of listening, bike ride, drive etc.


You should be able to click on a playlist and an option of 'Add to currently playing' or 'Add to queue' something like that, it can't be too difficult I'm sure. Alternatively/addtionaly be able to select multiple playlists to play now.


The original suggestion was posted in 2012!


Come on Spotify, listen to the users....


Casual Listener

Great minds think alike, I would very much like this feature as well.  And have option to start radio base on multiple playlist or a whole bunch of artists, somewhat like "seeds" in Pandora...


richlove gave the EXACT requirements for adding multiple Play Lists to the Play Queue:


"You should be able to click on a playlist and an option of 'Add to currently playing' or 'Add to queue' something like that, it can't be too difficult I'm sure. Alternatively/addtionaly be able to select multiple playlists to play now."


Spotify since you use Agile, here is what you do:


Put this story in the backlog, add a ton of story points, move it to your next sprint and deploy to production!  Does that help to get the feature added?


This is a good idea, allowing any set of playlists to be selected "on the fly"  Perhaps "add to current playlists" should be a right click option when a playlist is right-clicked.  This would be non-obtrusive to regular users, but be quicly picked up by those of us who frequently access the play queue and already use "make current playlist" for smooth transitioning.


Yes, this feature would add a lot to the usability of Spotify. Right now, the playlist management is bare minimum.


Please add the ability to shuffle multiple playlists.  The work around of combining playlists is not convienient at all. Besides, my moods constantly change and the abilitly to shuffle multiple playlists would make Spotify 100% better. PLEASE ADD THIS SPOTIFY!!!

Casual Listener

I want to be able to play multiple playlists in the order I designate.  I have placed four playlists in a folder. As it is now, when I play the folder, Spotify just mixes all the songs up from all four lists. I dont't want that. I want to be able to play one song from list 1, list 2, list 3 and list 4 and then repeat that sequence till my heart's content.    


I just released a web service that might help some of you achieve what you want (although an option integrated into the client would certainly be more user-friendly).


You can select multiple playlists and/or your music collection and shuffle their tracks into another playlist. You can limit the size of the destination playlist and you can guarantee that the destination playlist doesn't have duplicate tracks (not sure how the shuffle with Playlist folders work but I'd imagine it does repeat tracks in the same session). Also, the tracks are inserted into the playlist in a random order so you don't have to rely on Spotify's shuffle algorithm which some people appear to hate.


Hope you find it useful:


You can check some screenshots here:

Music Fan

Playing multiple playlists is essential .   Rather than creating Playlist containing 500+ songs for different occasions, it's much more convinient to have several  smaller  genre sorted playlists thast you can combine on the spot ,as you like .      just start playing one playlist in shuffle mode =>   click on another playlist =>  add to queue .   (shuffle mode makes sure that the tracks get mixed)


It's basically the same as creating a playlist Folder and play all songs in shuffle mode.  but it has to be done in the portable devices .

Music Fan

web serviced solutions always sucks, cause you can't  play local tracks .   another big issue in my opinion