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[Playlist] Continue with this Playlist after Queue

This feature appears to be completely nuked in the latest desktop version (I'm on OSX).  


Typically, my usage pattern is to queue up a bunch of music and forget about it.  When I double click a song, it will stuff the Play Queue with a bunch of stuff I don't want to listen to.  Before, I had the option to swap out the Play Queue with songs from another playlist using the "Choose as current playlist" feature (so when the stuff I queue up is done playing, it will switch over to the playlist).  I also use this feature to indicate that I don't want any songs to play after the things I've queued up (by choosing an empty playlist as the "current playlist").


Without this functionality, the Play Queue is stuck there.  Yes, I can doubleclick a new song somewhere else, but that will interrupt the song that is currently playing.  In general we need a better way to manage the music that autoplays after the queued songs.

Updated on 2019-12-04

Hey everyone.

Considering this idea is rather old and we're not looking at implementing it, we'll close this now.

If something should change we'll be back with an update.

Casual Listener

Bring it back!

Casual Listener

This option really needs to come back. Right. Now.


Wow, lots of passion here! I'm not going to stop using Spotify because of this by any stretch but I am sad to see it's gone.


Why on Earth have the devs decided to REMOVE a feature? It has totally screwed with how I use spotify - start with an existing playlist to get the music happening while adding tracks to a fresh playlist. Once I had enough tracks 'buffered' in the new playlist I could just hit 'Choose as current playlist' and the transfer over to the new list was seamless. Which, since I have a 3 second crossfade, worked like a dream. Now, there is no clean, smooth way to transition from one list to another. Making the queue list viewable was a good addition, but I'd sacrifice it in an instant to get the 'Choose as current playlist' option back. This is really making me regret upgrading. 


You're right guys.
Spotify, bring it back!!!


Casual Listener

Dear Spotify!


Additionally to the undo of the removal, I would REALLY appreciate a comment on WHY ON EARTH you removed that feature!


What other surprising removals can we users expect? 


Another vote for this, Was definitely a feature that I used...


do you guys track statistics of feature use before removing it? or do you just remove a feature and see if there a big uproar? 


I was always wondering why we didn't have this feature on mobile version and I was expecting that soon this feature would come to mobile. But surprisingly Spotify has just decided to remove it. I can't see any logical reason for that.

I think that this was a wrong decission since that is a back step on User Experience. I really appreciate the product, I think that is top-quality, that is why I pay for it. I am really hoping that you are bringing back this feature.


Anyways I would like to hear something from your side (whether you decided to bring the feature back or not)


Thank you for the cool product.

Casual Listener

I just upgraded my version of Spotify and the first thing I noticed was that this feature was removed. I searched the web and found this thread. It's incredibly disappointing to see good features disappearing one after another. Is there any logical reason to why this feature was removed? If so I would love to hear it.


Please put it back, it's very useful and a feature I use daily.

Casual Listener

I was just googling how to do this, and saw an old post referencing "choose as current playlist" - when I looked for it, found out it was just removed. Go figure, as soon as I start to figure out how all the featueres in this thing work, you take away one I want to use!