[Playlist] Continue with this Playlist after Queue

This feature appears to be completely nuked in the latest desktop version (I'm on OSX).  


Typically, my usage pattern is to queue up a bunch of music and forget about it.  When I double click a song, it will stuff the Play Queue with a bunch of stuff I don't want to listen to.  Before, I had the option to swap out the Play Queue with songs from another playlist using the "Choose as current playlist" feature (so when the stuff I queue up is done playing, it will switch over to the playlist).  I also use this feature to indicate that I don't want any songs to play after the things I've queued up (by choosing an empty playlist as the "current playlist").


Without this functionality, the Play Queue is stuck there.  Yes, I can doubleclick a new song somewhere else, but that will interrupt the song that is currently playing.  In general we need a better way to manage the music that autoplays after the queued songs.

Updated on 2019-12-04

Hey everyone.

Considering this idea is rather old and we're not looking at implementing it, we'll close this now.

If something should change we'll be back with an update.


Loved this option.  Choked that it is gone.


I miss this feature too.


Spotify, I know you guys are busy but can you at least acknowledge whether or not this is coming back, and how soon it will be? This irks me daily.  I could write a lot more but I'd essentially be echoing OP and other commenters.  I really think that as paying customers (even those without Premium pay you with the traffic we generate), we are justifiably pissed when you take away a feature that many of us see as core to the user experience of Spotify.  The queing and transition features were one of my favorite things about the Spotify player and I really miss being able to listen to music instead of actively creating the mix I want by having to pull up the app to switch playlists in between songs.  When I'm DJing, I want to make the mix.  When we're listening, we're paying you so we don't have to.  Please get on this one.


Yes wtf spotify, bring it back



I'll cancel my current subscription in protest.


I used this feature all the time and I desperately miss it. The OP described my typical usage perfectly. PLEASE bring it back. I hate having to stop a current song/queue just to queue up what I want to listen to next.

Status changed to: Not Right Now
Updated: 2015-04-14

Hey guys, we're marking this idea as 'Not Right Now' for the time being. However, we're continuing to bring your feedback to teams internally every week. If there's an update on this decision we will let you know here, thanks everyone.

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Meredith: Can you at least *explain* the decision? I think this could give many of us back at least some of the trust we had regarding the sanity of your company. This is not just about a feature request or a "Bring Brian Griffin back" thing. It's a possible symptom of Spotify abandoning its most attached users, the users who have helped spread the word, the early adopters. For what? How did this change even make it through the early stages of QA? Did you even ask *any* of the power users? It's like British Airways had removed windows from their planes and called the outcry of the surprised passengers a "feature request".

I want this feature back to! Why remove a feature like that?

I have posted a question like this myself:

Bring the "choose as current playlist" feature back!!

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Dear Spotify team (if you're listening).

I want you to know that this was the final straw that led me to cancel my Premium Subscription and start looking for a new service.

I know it probably seems small, but this "inconvinience" is a reflection of something greater--a gradual decay of features and a misplacement of resources.  I really love a lot about Spotify, but creating a music library is an investment of time, and I don't want to get any more locked in than I already am to something if I can't trust that anyone is listening to the features I really want as a user.  Playlist are everything to me. Switching playlists throughout the day based on my mood is just part of what I do--part of the process.  So If I can't switch without stopping the awesome song that is already playing, that's a problem.


Was there ever anyone that said "I really love Spotify, but they just have too many options on the right click menu, it annoys me, so I don't think I'll use it."

No. No one said that. So why would you take out these options??

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Just to be clear -- we all use this feature because there's no other way to manage the automatically queued up songs. If the PM's can come up with some other functionality that helps us swap out or remove those songs then that solves the problem too (for me at least). The mental model is already a bit confusing as it is with Queued Tracks vs. Next Tracks, so uh, good luck 🙂


I sympathize with the need to refactor code and rewrite an app from the ground up, but as evidenced by the amount of kudos this thread is getting, you really ought to collect data on whether people are using a feature before cutting it and saying you're not going to re-implement it.


In the meantime I'm happy to sit back and collect these imaginary Spotify Forum points, thanks everyone!