[Playlist] Continue with this Playlist after Queue

This feature appears to be completely nuked in the latest desktop version (I'm on OSX).  


Typically, my usage pattern is to queue up a bunch of music and forget about it.  When I double click a song, it will stuff the Play Queue with a bunch of stuff I don't want to listen to.  Before, I had the option to swap out the Play Queue with songs from another playlist using the "Choose as current playlist" feature (so when the stuff I queue up is done playing, it will switch over to the playlist).  I also use this feature to indicate that I don't want any songs to play after the things I've queued up (by choosing an empty playlist as the "current playlist").


Without this functionality, the Play Queue is stuck there.  Yes, I can doubleclick a new song somewhere else, but that will interrupt the song that is currently playing.  In general we need a better way to manage the music that autoplays after the queued songs.

Updated on 2019-12-04

Hey everyone.

Considering this idea is rather old and we're not looking at implementing it, we'll close this now.

If something should change we'll be back with an update.


I don't see why it was ripped off.. it was good option.. Bring it back..

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 Just got the new version and this was the first thing I noticed besides some of the graphical updates. I cannot stress enough how important this feature is to my everyday spotify usage. Instead of removing it I would have loved to see it be available for albums as well as your normal playlists.


Typical usage: Search for a song -> double click it -> right click on of my playlist folders -> choose as current. 


Not having this feature anymore is a big enough reason for me to unsubscribe. I use it daily for all the reasons the OP said. It was bad enough that the feature was missing in the mobile apps, but this is a crazy decision, considering it was only ever a context-menu option.


Please bring this back asap.


This feature is VITAL to my continued usage of Spotify. I can't fathom why it was removed in the latest update. Before the update, it was the only time-efficient way to transition between playlists without interrupting the flow of the music playing. I'm thoroughly disappointed by its exclusion from the latest update.

I don't comment often on user forums like this, but I don't expect there was a lot of overhead required to maintain this feature. I can't think of any reason why it needed to be REMOVED in the latest update. Please please please PLEASE bring it back, or at least tell us why it was taken out.


Spotify, can you please elaborate on which use case has changed so that this feature could be removed? I find it hard to keep telling myself that spotify is going the right way. The only thing that keeps me subscribed is because you made me build my music database in the cloud instead of the good old way of grabbing mp3's from <insert-illegal-ways-to-get-music>.

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What have you been smoking when deciding to remove the "Choose as current playlist" option? This was one of the most used features for me. I like the update in terms of appearance and that the desktop client can now control other devices, but that I can no longer choose as current playlist just sucks. I was hoping to see it on mobile devices soon, but instead you are removing it from the desktop. I have absolutely no understanding for this. Please reimplement this feature!


Spotify, it is starting to get ridiculous. Bring this feature back. And while you're at it bring us also:


  • Select multiple playlists and/or playlist folders as current "play queue" via Ctrl/Cmd key
  • a hotkey to queue songs
  • a "stop-after-current"-hotkey

because it's 2015 outside and we still don't have these.

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This was the feature that made Spotify truly usable for me!  Can't see any logic to removing it.


+1 to this... this was probably one of my most used features, what the hell?


My current workaround is going to the playlist, selecting all, dragging to the queue icon... but holy way to make something that used to be simple over complicated.