[Playlist] Continue with this Playlist after Queue

This feature appears to be completely nuked in the latest desktop version (I'm on OSX).  


Typically, my usage pattern is to queue up a bunch of music and forget about it.  When I double click a song, it will stuff the Play Queue with a bunch of stuff I don't want to listen to.  Before, I had the option to swap out the Play Queue with songs from another playlist using the "Choose as current playlist" feature (so when the stuff I queue up is done playing, it will switch over to the playlist).  I also use this feature to indicate that I don't want any songs to play after the things I've queued up (by choosing an empty playlist as the "current playlist").


Without this functionality, the Play Queue is stuck there.  Yes, I can doubleclick a new song somewhere else, but that will interrupt the song that is currently playing.  In general we need a better way to manage the music that autoplays after the queued songs.

Updated on 2019-12-04

Hey everyone.

Considering this idea is rather old and we're not looking at implementing it, we'll close this now.

If something should change we'll be back with an update.

Gig Goer

How can you seriously mark this as "not right now"? This is one of the features I used the most! It is a real pain in the ass not being able to "choose as current playlist" anymore. I really like the new version except for this. Removing this feature truly killed the new version.


I have downgraded to the previous version and I am not going to upgrade until you have freakin' reimplemented this. Geez.

Casual Listener

Rapti: You are awesome! I don't know why I didn't come up with that solution by myself...

I went to filehorse and downloaded the latest 0.9.x version. 


I recommend anyone whose user experience is severely downgraded to downgrade the software instead. This will upgrade your mood!


Yes, yes, pleaseeee bring this back. I am frequently queuing up a few songs from different artists/lists/whatever-I-feel-like-at-the-moment and then I want to set the "long-term" playlist to continue playing/shuffling after those.


I have been a Premium subscriber since September 2010. I deserve this feature 🙂

Casual Listener

Another one here who's missing this feature!


I don't see why you guys are neglecting to answer the simple question of why it was removed. If there's a rationale to it, then I'm sure people will understand (even if they won't necessarily be happy about it). Being tight-lipped about it only serves to breed discontent.


I really miss this feature. It was integral to a good listening flow, and now I find myself having to micro-manage the play queue a lot more. If it was removed for being too "advanced", I can understand that, but I'd really like an alternate way to accomplish the same.


I think removing this feature is a step by spotify to phase out the desktop client. I love the desktop client, but I don't think Spotify does. (And I've loved it less with each update.) I used to be able to filter songs in a search or playlist with the filter button or control + F, but not anymore. I used to be able to use this "choose current playlist" thing, but not anymore. Clicking on a playlist folder now shows a list of the contained playlists in the main window, rather than a list of all the songs included in the folder (This is redundant because you can just look at the contained playlists on the side anyways.). Maybe a year or two ago, they removed the "library" feature which was a nice way to see all of the songs in any of your playlists. They took out 3rd party apps, so I can't look at my whithin spotify anymore. I could name awesome features they've removed all day! What it comes down to is they want people to switch to their web client I think. Then they can stop supporting this one, and in order to get people to switch they have decided to slowly make the desktop client crappier wih each new release.


Agreed, really stupid decision to remove this option along with all the other bad decisions in the new user experience (which in general is a continuing downgrade, Spotify should employ new UX designers who know a thing or two about usability).


I used this feature ALL the time. Downgrading. 


I honestly cannot think of a good reason why they needed to remove this feature, surely it woud have taken less effort just to leave it in! Specially as it was cleary so useful.....not happy.


Adding my name to the list.


Why are you removing functionality with upgrades?

Gig Goer

Now that this idea has gotten almost 200 Kudos and has taken its place among the most popular ideas, I think it's time for Spotify to reconsider their decision on this topic or at least make another official statement.