Playlist Randomization

It would be nice to have "Randomize Playlist" added to the right-click menu when using PC Spotify.


The shuffle mode is not random enough,as mentioned in other posts.

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i found this ( which seems to be working:


Looking to Randomize your Spotify playlist? Me too.

Every now & then I want to randomize a playlist in Spotify.  There’s always the Shuffle option, but sometimes it’s nice to start a new playlist by just mixing it up & then moving a few things around. So, Until Spotify gives us a “Randomize” button, this’ll have to do… A little bit of effort, but it works.

1. Create your playlist the old fashion way by adding the songs, albums, etc.

2. Select all of the songs, right click and select “Copy HTTP Link”, then hit “Delete” to clear out the play list.

3. Go here,( click inside the text box that says “Enter your text here…”, hit CTRL-A and then CTRL-V.  That should paste your Spotify playlist into the text box.

4. Hit the “Random” button a few times.

5. Click inside the same text box then hit CTRL-A followed by CTRL-C.

6. Go back to Spotify, make sure your now-empty playlist is selected, and hit CTRL-V.

7. Voila, randomized playlist.

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Although this idea has been suggested first, I'd like to point you to a slightly more popular, similar idea here:

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