Playlist Specific Settings

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I'd like the ability to apply settings to specific playlists and not others. The use case is as follows:


I have a playlist of "ambient sounds." It is a collection of several types; crackling fires, trains passing, ocean waves, etc. I play this on shuffle and I enable the cross-fade setting because these sounds are disparatre and an abrupt change ruins the soothing nature of the playlist.

When I switch to music, podcasts or other spoken word, I do not want to use the cross-fade feature because it can cut off important parts of the track.


I'd like to suggest applying the cross-fade setting at a playlist level, rather than the application as a whole. Because other usere may want to apply other setting combinations to their playlists, I would expand the request to all settings or a key set to be applies on a playlist level.

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Thanks for your comprehension!


Have you ever been happily shuffling along on a top hits mix, then gotten in the mood for classical, dialed up a recording of a symphony, started the first movement playing, then found yourself surprised when it jumped from the first movement straight to the last movement? "This isn't the order this symphony goes in!" you realize five minutes into the wrong movement, then frantically go back to turn off shuffle and start the second movement. No? Never? Maybe I'm the only one....


Anyway, it seems kind of arbitrary to assume that just because you want to shuffle one playlist you want to shuffle every playlist. Maybe you do, and that's fine, but if you're like me, you might wish you had the option to turn shuffling on for only the playlist you're listening to right now, and to have it automagically shuffle any time you listen to it again. You know, like it just knows "I want these songs to be shuffled all the time", but doesn't assume the same for every other playlist out there in Spotify land.


So yeah, here's my proposal to have shuffle mode associated with individual playlists rather than (only) a global parameter.

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An easy work around migh be to give us the ability to shuffle a list in advance. Instead of shuffling at the time of play a person could just hit the shuffle button on a playlist and them play it straight through. 


Shuffle being a setting for each album or playlist is simply genius! I've been wanting this since I started using spotify.


Yes it is what I have been stating all along. SHUFFLE SHOULD BE A PLAYLIST FEATURE.


And yes, I get caught out by it all the time.


When I play "random oldies" I want them picked at random,  when I play my current chart I want it in the order they are positioned.




I started playing my current chart on my phone from about #50 or so, and I hadn't even put SHUFFLE on my phone because I NEVER shuffle on my phone. Then after playing that track it jumped to the song I know is at #4 this week...


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This is my first Idea!


Lets say I have 2 playlists. When I toggle ON the Shuffle option, all my playlists are played in Shuffle mode. I would like only a specific playlist to be played in Shuffle mode. The other playlist has songs which need to be played in a specific order. 

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This should simply be the way it is. Shuffling is obviously a playlist feature, or a playlist folder feature if you can group together playlists and play all of them shuffled.


Having it as a global setting is simply WRONG.


And it annoys the **bleep** out of me too when it plays a playlist shuffled that I don't want to be.