[Playlists] Create Playlists by swiping Genres & Tracks

Creating a new playlist is such a tiresome effort. The search for my favourite music takes so much longer than it's worth. Spotify have made it easier for you to select songs to put onto a playlist, but the journey there is just one I don't wish to spend hours on. 


So why not create a 'playlist game'; where Spotify suggests genre categories and you either swipe or tick if you like those genres or swipe or cross if you don't. Following this platform, Spotify would then suggest songs related to your 'ticked' genres and ignore those related to the 'crossed' genres and once again, you would tick or cross these songs and if ticked they would be added to your playlist and if crossed they would be ignored and noted that you don't like that song. For example, on the first platform, if 'blues' was suggested, I would probably cross this and no blues songs would be suggested on the second platform. However, if 'R&B' or 'Pop' was suggested, I would probably tick these and songs such as 'One Dance - Drake' or 'Can't Stop The Feeling - Justin Timberlake' could be suggested on the second platform and I would have the option to tick these to add them to my playlist. 


Although this does sound like a complicated and long concept, I can assure you it's not. It would be a more time efficient and fun/exciting way to add songs to your playlists. The first platform of ticking and crossing genres would only need to be performed once and Spotify would remember your preferences. Following that, it is a simple tick or cross game to select your chosen songs. 


Obviously, there would need to be an options menu, where you could correct mistakes such as ticking or crossing something by accident or if your taste in music genres changes you could select another genre or etc.


Thank you for your attention.  

Updated on 2017-06-10


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