[Playlists] Owner controls Collaborative Playlists

The current collaboration playlist allows anyone to delete the whole list of songs, or secretly delete individual songs one by one. Which makes the collaboration feature pretty useless.


To prevent trolls from destroying a playlist, my suggestion is to add special privileges to the owner of the collaboration playlist. So anyone can SUGGEST songs to add or delete, in the playlist. It then pops up a yes/or no option to the owner of the playlist. 


Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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This would be awesome. Right now I have to manage 4 playlist to get it to work as I want. Me and a friend got a collaborative playlist to get out what we want from it we need one collaborative, one private, one for the removed tracks and one for suggesting tracks. It would be so much better to just be able to set permissions och who can remove and add tracks and the rest can just suggest the changes.

+1 for the owner controls.


I have a playlist comprised of film & game scores which used to be collaborative until I found out anyone could also remove all the songs. I'd love to be able to select who to collaborate with as I've found a friend of mine has some really good suggestions (currently getting the suggestions via twitter then adding them manually).


I guess priveleges would be a good addition too - ie: some people could add to the playlist but not delete tracks others have added.

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It's actually quite astonishing that this feature has not been implemented yet. As an owner of a playlist you should be able to make it collaborative for only some people.


This feature came out 5 years ago, you still haven't done this? That's really unproffesional.


I actually expected it to work like this when I first used this feature.

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One hundred percent agree! i made my own idea suggestion saying the same thing without realizing there was already this one. Lets hop Spotify implments this soon!


This idea has been out there for several years now and is still gaining support. Time to implement Spotify!


Thats awesome


Finally a really awesome idea!


Finally a really awesome suggestion!

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I have a private collaborative playlist with someone. In my profile is hidden and that's perfect, but the playlist appears in the profile of the person I'm sharing with and everyone can see the playlist. Help :( @osornios