[Playlists] Owner controls Collaborative Playlists

The current collaboration playlist allows anyone to delete the whole list of songs, or secretly delete individual songs one by one. Which makes the collaboration feature pretty useless.


To prevent trolls from destroying a playlist, my suggestion is to add special privileges to the owner of the collaboration playlist. So anyone can SUGGEST songs to add or delete, in the playlist. It then pops up a yes/or no option to the owner of the playlist. 


Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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I assume its already possible from the backends by employees since some official lists has several users who adds song. But not open for everyone
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The delete track permission really does need fixing. Collaborative playlists are a great creative tool for the spotify community where folk with similar interests can pool their knowledge and resources to put together that ultimate playlist.


Unfortunately it only takes one idiot to come along and delete things (probably not even realising they are affecting all subscribers to the list) to totally ruin it. For the moment I keep a copy as a backup but this isn't ideal, particularly if tracks have been both added and deleted at the same time.

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I'd really like this feature to be added. I currently have to manually sync a public playlist with a collaborated playlist in order to share it with the outside world, I'd really like it to be automagic.

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what a sad day! together with at least 10 people we set up the biggest acidhouse/ acidtechno playlist of the internet with more than 700 tracks! several weeks of work went into this. today it has been trolled and somebody deleted around 200 tracks and changed the whole order. yes, i had a backup, but the worst thing is that re-pasting my backuped songs into the list caused all contributor names to be overwritten with my name. 


another thing is i cannot even write a mail to all subscribers at once to explain what happened. being the owner of a collab playlist, it makes totally sense to be able to contact subscribers of the list.


some extended controlling functions to prevent trolling would really make sense if collaborative playlist shall have future. many contributors might be really pissed of, because everybdy really spent quite some time with researching and contributing many great tracks. 




I'm in full agreement with this idea - kudos given.


Collaborative playlists are a great, but sadly, it's just too risky to allow 'write', 'modify' and 'delete' permissions to absolutely everyone on Spotify.


I have contributed to Gubi Mann's great collab playlist; ACID TB-303, which has taken several contributors months to create - Only to see it destroyed in seconds by one malicious user! This type of thing is only going to happen again and again and kind of makes collaborative playlists in it's current form too risky.


Ideally, specific users should be invited to collaborate on playlists at the discretion of the author - as has already been suggested (in several other posts). But I appreciate this could take a lot of development effort to get implemented.


Alternatively, a simpler solution might be to allow ONLY the a playlist creator to re-order or delete any tracks. Other contributors will then only be able to add tracks to the end of the playlist but not re-order or delete. It would then be the responsibility of the playlist owner (or curator) to reorder or remove any of the contributed music?


This I think would resolve the biggest problem of vandals and trolls destroying playlists but not require major development to implement.


It would also be nice to include the following ; 🙂


- If a contributor adds one or more tracks to a collaborative playlist, any tracks that are already present in the list are NOT added. This would save having to continually filter out duplicates.


- I second the suggestion of a feature that will allow all playlist contributors to be contacted / messaged at once.


- When content is copied from one playlist to another (a backup in this case), the original contributor is retained.


Several posts are similar to this and should be merged with this one, as I think they are addressing the same issue. Like this one:


(Unrelated to thread but I can't get the link to work in my comment!! Must be missing something obvious lol. If I select the area of text and click the 'link' icon and enter the above URL, I get invalid URL when I preview the comment?? I do web development too - how embarrassing 🙂

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Yes! Thank you. I love receiving new music from other users, but it really pisses me off when someone deletes 30+ songs from a playlist and I have no idea, especially given that it's diificult to identify missing songs once the change has been synced across all of your devices.


Luckily, I caught the deletions quickly this morning and was able to put my phone in airplane mode before it updated, so that I could find the missing songs, but no one should have to go through that tedious, time consuming process.




This needs to happen! Just make it so anyone who isn't the owner can only remove the songs they put into the playlist and no one can add justin bieber. 


Great idea i would love to build list with group



I want to bring up again how easy it would be to add the option to select whether a collaborative playlist is public or private. I would like to be able to have a playlist just for myself and a few others, where it can be perfected before it is shared to the public.


In Collaborative Playlists other users should be allowed to delete only their own submitted songs.