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[Playlists] Owner controls Collaborative Playlists

The current collaboration playlist allows anyone to delete the whole list of songs, or secretly delete individual songs one by one. Which makes the collaboration feature pretty useless.


To prevent trolls from destroying a playlist, my suggestion is to add special privileges to the owner of the collaboration playlist. So anyone can SUGGEST songs to add or delete, in the playlist. It then pops up a yes/or no option to the owner of the playlist. 


Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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Making sure that one person can't just delete a track that others might love is a must if Spotify wants to make the shared playlists more reliable. Spotify should at least give you a notification that a track has been deleted, I think this is even more important than informing us that a track has been added.


As an alternative on admin roles they could also simply implement that people can't delete tracks from the shared playlist: if one would delete a track from the shared playlist, it would only be deleted on his "side", without influencing the list for all other users. 


I believe this works the same if you subscribe to someone's playlist. You can delete a track you don't like without screwing over the owner of the playlist.


It's actually quite astonishing that this feature has not been implemented yet. As an owner of a playlist you should be able to make it collaborative for only some people.


This feature came out 5 years ago, you still haven't done this? That's really unproffesional.


I actually expected it to work like this when I first used this feature.


Me and my friend are doing a gnarly collab. playlist for months.  Just because I am not able to set admin rights to my friend, we cannot share this nasty beast with friends and other people who want to improve their taste. Why? Because we do not want other people to interfere with the flow going on, that simple! We have ideas about the concept but you are ruining it, and you know it. 


From the day Spotify launched, you guys gave significant importance to the idea of sharing.  I cannot believe how this feature was implemented without this setting. Yet again, I am amazed it has been nearly two years since this topic was mentioned and still not resolved. 


Just open your source to my guy from development dept. and  I will have it done in 2 hours. Later we will move to

Guessed right! We want to right click to a playlist and select delete duplicates. You are all using this program. You all see these very important topics. Just... just fix these, OK? 



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It would better Spotify improved the collaborative playlist functionality with that than hooking up with Facebook login and commercial apps. Maybe this happened in a parallel universe...

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How hard can this be? Implement it! 

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Why is this not an option yet?


Since relatively recently, collaborative playlist can be made public. Horray!

But random people can delete songs. BOO 😞


Playlist editing abilities, distributed by playlist author, should be needed for collaborative playlist!


YES please!!

Someone keeps deleting and then reposting tracks I add to a band's shared playlist right now, trying to take credit! >_<


as the owner of a collaborative playlist you should be able to remove contributers.  sometimes you make a mistake and you don't want someone fouling up your flow but don't want to have to create a whole new playlist.

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I just spent all week making a collaborative Coachella playlist with my girlfriend in preparation for making the trek to Indio in April. Then her jealous/vindictive ex found it and deleted everything. What a horrible "feature."