[Playlists] Owner controls Collaborative Playlists

The current collaboration playlist allows anyone to delete the whole list of songs, or secretly delete individual songs one by one. Which makes the collaboration feature pretty useless.


To prevent trolls from destroying a playlist, my suggestion is to add special privileges to the owner of the collaboration playlist. So anyone can SUGGEST songs to add or delete, in the playlist. It then pops up a yes/or no option to the owner of the playlist. 


Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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By the way, Spotify support can restore deleted songs in a playlist, see the existing threads in the forums. I wonder if they could also help with collaborative playlists. If they get more related requests, they might consider changing the owner permissions for collaborative playlists in the future. 😉 Theoretically collaborative playlists could be a great tool for user groups who want to create e.g. a better group radio with it, but it might lead to big trouble if any Spotify member can destroy the group effort easily.


Really good idea, it would be awesome!


Hello there, Spotify, I use your application a lot. On phone, tablet, PC I also pay premium, so if that dont show I like you, then nothng. However i would appreciate if you add something like admin option for Collaborative playlist. So if I create a collaborative playlist i can forbid others to delete the songs, also giving some rights to other people would be nice. 






i don't understand the concept of making a public collaborative playlist. when i saw the collaborative option, i assumed it was private, meaning the playlist creator/owner sends an invite to friends he wants to join & collaborate with, or approves their subscriptions.  otherwise, as people have already mentioned, there's no way to control the quality, relevance, and accuracy, or even the tracks themselves from being deleted.  this obviously wasn't thought out very well 😕


DEFINITLEY Want this. But more than just that. There should be options to change owners of playlists, EDIT WHO it's shared and collaborated with, assign INDIVIDUAL permissions per shared user, etc.!!


This really needs to happen soon, especially because sometimes you're working on a playlist with some people for a special reason and you  wanna keep it secret for a while, it's weird that this isn't a feature yet.

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Hey there! We don't have any updates on this but we wanted to jump to say we're keeping it at the "Good Idea" status. Thanks for leaving your feedback here in the Ideas Board!


This idea totally makes sense! When I first found out about the collaborative playlists, I thought it would be like this! Just like in facebook when you have a page or group you can assign who you want to join, and what role they will play, how much control they have. 

The fact that anyone can just go in and do whatever to your playlist without you knowing is just dumb. 

Casual Listener

Why was access control not built in from the start? There was no point in providing collaboration if any random person who sees the list can delete everthing. This was a huge oversight on your parts, and you should definitely feel bad for half-assing this implementation.


Yes. Or even simpler, we need the ability to choose what members who can contribute to the playlist. I'm afraid to publicly share my amazing playlist because some dip**bleep** can just add or delete anything.