[Playlists] Owner controls Collaborative Playlists

The current collaboration playlist allows anyone to delete the whole list of songs, or secretly delete individual songs one by one. Which makes the collaboration feature pretty useless.


To prevent trolls from destroying a playlist, my suggestion is to add special privileges to the owner of the collaboration playlist. So anyone can SUGGEST songs to add or delete, in the playlist. It then pops up a yes/or no option to the owner of the playlist. 


Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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Wanted to chime in here.  There's been a couple great threads on reddit where someone created a collaborative playlist and asked people to add their current favorites (e.g, see here and here), which was awesome until some douchebag(s) deleted first some, and then all of the songs or, in another case, changed it to just In The Air Tonight hundreds of times in a row.  At least re the one I linked, an awesome guy person created a backup so much -- although not all -- of the songs were saved.  HOWEVER, that backup doesn't show who added the song (b/c non-collaborative obvi all added thereto by the awesome guy person), whereas the original collaborative one showed who added each song ... WHICH WAS GREAT because where one person added three or four songs I liked, I knew that was someone I should connect with/review playlists of to find more good music.  [Insert here fierce anger that Spotify is refusing to include in search results user playlists containing searched songs - that was the feature that drew me to and that I loved Rdio for (and given Rdio had it clearly it's doable.]


Adding on, as I see some people are pushing for only admin/creator (or selected people) to have control over playlist.  Would think there should be several options creator could select - ranging from anyone can add/delete, to only creator can do anything (in response to suggestions/asks).  BUT one option should be for anyone to be able to add, but only admin delete.  That way, like with reddit threads, anyone can add songs but no douchbag can delete other's additions/the playlist.  To address concern I saw above re someone continually re-adding a song the owner didn't like and kept deleting, add an option allowing playlist creator to block certain users from adding etc.


Pls get er done spotify!!


You've got a massive lead on other services (e.g. Apple, etc.) because of your user base ... BUT you need to make/keep your product the best, or people WILL leave you (and once that happens you lose your inherent user base advantage).




I do agree with that idea.

Would be great if the owner of the collaborative playlist could assign friends as co-owner too (like admin)!

Co-owners of the playlist could have the right to post songs with automatic acceptance from the owner (no need to check, co-owners are friends). 

If other user want to join the collaboration,  they would need owner/co-owner's validation.




Great idea, this could also include the idea to limit the amount of people who are able to modify the playlist. I know this idea is old and has not gathered enough votes before but I believe they are pretty basic and needed if Spotify wants to expand on its social aspect.

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One hundred percent agree! i made my own idea suggestion saying the same thing without realizing there was already this one. Lets hop Spotify implments this soon!


This idea has been out there for several years now and is still gaining support. Time to implement Spotify!


Thats awesome


Finally a really awesome idea!


Finally a really awesome suggestion!

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I have a private collaborative playlist with someone. In my profile is hidden and that's perfect, but the playlist appears in the profile of the person I'm sharing with and everyone can see the playlist. Help 😞 @osornios