[Playlists] Password needed to delete Playlists

Sometime I use my Spotify at parties and some people have accidently deleted a playlist.

It would be nice if the Spotify password was requested before the possibility of deleting an entire playlist


Right now we don't have plans to require a password to delete playlists. However, you should receive a pop-up when you click "Delete" that says "Do you really want to delete this playlist?"


You then need to select "Delete" a second time.


If you accidently do delete a playlist you can always restore it by following these steps: 

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Click Recover playlists.
  3. Click Restore for the playlist you want to recover.
  4. Open your Spotify app or the Web Player. The playlist will be at the bottom of your playlist collection.

I think this would be quite inconvenient for people who want to tidy up there playlists a little (some users have hundreds of playlists). I'm sure we'd get a lot of complaints about this if it was implemented.


Presently, you should get the 'Are you sure you want to delete this playlist?' confirmation box, which more or less does the same job without the inconvenience.


But I'll leave the idea open in case it does prove popular.


It could be an option to have this security feature. Some people like myself spend years of meticulous work to create playlist and it could be wiped out in seconds. Please make it an optional feature.


It is not really the same to be asked are you sure. What if someone who doesn't like you (like a partner after a quarrel) that in a waek moment of anger just takes all my work away:


Maybe away to restore deleted playlist could be a feature if not making it harder to delete them (as an optional feature in settings for example)


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Sounds a bit like the "Spotify Party Mode" idea for me including:

"Lock existing playlists so that they can't be modified or deleted."


Would you be ok if we merged those ideas or do you think it should stay a seperate idea? 😉


Just to add: we can always restore deleted playlists or revert your playlists to an earlier state. Just get in touch with us here or via the other usual channels.


I really love the Spotify Party Mode idea although I would still like an option that requires password for deleting playlists.


It is a bit different in the sense that I want to be able to add new songs to my playlists but protecting them a little better.


Thank you Richard for giving me the info. I have now copied all my playlists into a word document as a backup. Would have been nice to have a print out button for printing  out playlists on paper. Keep up the good work




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as a quick fix, you could always lock your computer by pressing control-alt-delete and picking "lock computer".




of course you need a password. and to remember it.

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Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it

I agree with rastadavid, it would be great to have this as an optional security feature.This would be a very simple solution, a simple function to add from a coding standpoint, and I believe a very appreciated and valuable feature.


For the other solutions/workarounds in this thread:

  • Spotify party mode, a great feature but not really the same to have your tracks protected att all time.
  • Restore deleted tracks, another great feature, but would be good to simplify this process to for example be able to do this via the Prefrences view. But then it should also be password protected 😃


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If you go to 'your account' --> 'recover playlist' you can restore playlists deleted at least a year back.


I would also like to see the option to password additions of playlists and radio stations as well as additions to playlists. I use Spotify in a business and employees just randomly add their favorite bands. I would like to control the items played more.