[Playlists] Pin a Playlist to the Top of the List

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How about a function where you can set playlists as favorites and they get pinned all the way on top of the playlist section so you don't have to search and scroll through all the playlists you have and can find them instantly?

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It's weird that this idea needs to be suggested in the first place. You'd figure with the amount of playlists people are making that they'd at least have a pin function. 


yes yes yes. I make way too many playlists. Would like to separate my all time favorites from the pack so they are easily accessible to my followers and I. 


Please give the function to add 'pinned playlists' - surely can't be that hard?


The fact this does not exist, in combination with the 10k limit on Library, means there is no viable way to continue building a song library, as playlists get pushed down the list when you save albums as playlists (the only alternative method of storing songs that has been suggested to me by Spotify customer support).




I don't understand why this is not a thing.  Thank you Spotify.


Please add this! Let me explain why this is important to me.


I use playlists in two primary ways:


  1. One playlist every month of the songs (across genres) I'm mostly excited about 
  2. Several playlists a month of new albums or artists that I'm enjoying

I keep wanting to use playlists for a third, obvious use case: collecting music I like by genres. However, because I make quite a few playlists each month, these "genre" playlists always get buried, and they're too hard to scroll and find, when I want to add new music.


This is a huge bummer, because I've used Spotify for years, and yet I don't have solid, self-built playlists for my favorite genres: jazz, metal, hip hop, electronica, indie rock, etc. 😞



What's the status of this? If you opensourced the Spotify I would gladly implement it myself, even for free... This idea has been around for quite a while and the voting system of this comunity obviously does not work, mostly because most of your users have no idea that such a comunity even exists (or some just don't care about making their own experience better). I do not see a reason why there needs to even be a discussion about whether such feature would be wanted, **bleep** of course it would be wanted and heck even appreciated! Everybody that uses spotify for more than a year has issue of too many playlists... 

Please, can we do this within next few months and end this useless discussion?


Seriously - how has this not been implemented yet!! In case the Spotify team needs any additional context: I would like to be able to "pin" my Discover Weekly playlist to the top of my playlist list so I don't have to drag it around to reposition it every week after creating other playlists. I would do the same thing with the Release Radar playlist, and this would help Spotify push new songs to me that it thinks I would like. I really like both of those playlists and have discovered great music through them. Let me keep them at the top of the pile!


This idea makes a lot of sense. I have important music folders and every few weeks I need to drag them to the top of the list. Not fun :{


I'm so happy to see that this still gets a post every month or two a year

I would have put pinning playlists over repeating videos on the roadmap.  Hopefully we will get it soon.

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