[Playlists] See in which of my Playlists a Song is in

Status: Case Closed

A common situation:


1) You love Spotify so much,

you use it every single day.


2) You find a good song and you save it to Your Music,

where you already have zillions of songs


3) So you also want this song into your playlists,

which you kinda sort songs by a personal criteria that works for you


3) But this song happens to fit several of your playlists.. and you wonder:


Q1: Is this song already in my playlists?

Q2: If so, in which one/ones?


Here's a simple solution:


   1 ) right-click any song

   2 ) show ✔ next to the playlists that contain that song






Extra features (1):  Add how many times a song is repeated in the playlist:





Extra features (2): Show ♫ if a song is in your playlists:




With this feature you could browse any user playlist or any search result and figure out which songs are in your playlists at once, without checking each of your playlists manually.


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Edit: The idea has been reposted here


Updated on 2017-08-30

 Hey Folks!


Thanks to everyone for their contribution to this thread. We noticed this idea has been marked as Not Right Now for a while, so we thought we’d update everyone on its current status.


After serious consideration, we’ve decided not to introduce the ability to see which playlists a song is in. As a result, we’ve marked this idea as Case Closed. Don’t worry! Should you try to add a song twice to the same playlist, you’ll receive the following warning message:


Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 6.50.52 PM.png  

The team behind Search are also working on new and innovative ways to improve your Spotify experience. Although we’ve decided not to implement the feature as described, we appreciate all the feedback the thread generated, and rest assured we’ll use it to inform our decisions going forward.


This is quite similar to the "prevent duplicates in playlists" idea, but with a different execution. I like it, though, and gave it thumbs up.


I think this should be implemented along with the Prevent Duplicates idea.


I think a good icon next to the song may indicate in first instance if a song is in a playlist, no mather wich one. Then you can right-clic to show wich ones.


Nice one.


Yes, thats what I first thought: dedicating an icon for 'in playlist' option.


In fact, some time ago I proposed in this old idea, which can be sumarized with this picture:




However, I understand that implementing this is quite more complicated.. so I proposed this new idea, which uses an existing menu and is easier for developers to integrate in the current client. 😃


I've recently been encountering this problem in some of my collaborative playlists that have grown past a couple hundred songs. It's hard enough to recall if I've added a song, nevermind one of my collaborators.

Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it
Interesting idea.
Status changed to: Under Consideration
Status changed to: Under Consideration
Hello folks! We have passed this internally since this ideas has become very popular in a very short period of time! So now this is being considered :) Thanks to all your votes! keep doing this if you want to see this built.

Great idea atzxarxes! More interesting in the short term is what songs you have in the "Best of Coldplay" playlist. I'd definitely subscribe to that. 


Thanks to everybody supporting this idea! I'm sure we all hope it will be implemented very soon and we can organize our tracks and playlists in a better way 😃


Atzxarxes, do you have any ideas on how this would work on the mobile app? I know there's a lot of menu space open when you tap the screen on a song that's "now playing" Maybe your idea can be utilized in the empty space there.