[Playlists] See in which of my Playlists a Song is in

Status: Case Closed

A common situation:


1) You love Spotify so much,

you use it every single day.


2) You find a good song and you save it to Your Music,

where you already have zillions of songs


3) So you also want this song into your playlists,

which you kinda sort songs by a personal criteria that works for you


3) But this song happens to fit several of your playlists.. and you wonder:


Q1: Is this song already in my playlists?

Q2: If so, in which one/ones?


Here's a simple solution:


   1 ) right-click any song

   2 ) show ✔ next to the playlists that contain that song






Extra features (1):  Add how many times a song is repeated in the playlist:





Extra features (2): Show ♫ if a song is in your playlists:




With this feature you could browse any user playlist or any search result and figure out which songs are in your playlists at once, without checking each of your playlists manually.


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Edit: The idea has been reposted here


Updated on 2017-08-30

 Hey Folks!


Thanks to everyone for their contribution to this thread. We noticed this idea has been marked as Not Right Now for a while, so we thought we’d update everyone on its current status.


After serious consideration, we’ve decided not to introduce the ability to see which playlists a song is in. As a result, we’ve marked this idea as Case Closed. Don’t worry! Should you try to add a song twice to the same playlist, you’ll receive the following warning message:


Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 6.50.52 PM.png  

The team behind Search are also working on new and innovative ways to improve your Spotify experience. Although we’ve decided not to implement the feature as described, we appreciate all the feedback the thread generated, and rest assured we’ll use it to inform our decisions going forward.


And I hope this type of track information would be accessible on the mobile/tablet interface as well!  I enjoy exploring new music on my iPad.


This is the main feature I think Spotify lacks... being able to see what playlists any given track is a part of. For those of us with a decent sized collection of large playlists, this is essential. I have been wanting this functionality since I signed up for my premium membership. Please don't dumb it down, I want to see which playlists contain a particular track as well as how many instances. I don't care how you implement that, but that is the crux of the issue. This is loooong overdue.


I need this, a lot... I really hate making playlists right now, and I get a lot of dupelicates.


The best way to implement this idea is with tags. Every time you add it to a playlist, it gets a tag with the name of that playlist (similar to the way the star functions). See this thread:


It really annoys me that we don't have this feature, I need to check for dupelicate manualy, and I often end up not adding a song because I think I already have it on my list.


I've been wanting to suggest this for a while. When listening to a song, I often wonder if I already have it in a couple of playlists or not. I have many many playlists and often have 1 song in 10 or more. It is a large chore to check each playlist to see if the song already exists in that playlist.


It would also be nice to be able to add a song to multiple playlists at the same time. This could be a right click context menu option labeled "Add to playlist/s" which would give you a checklist of all of your playlists. You would then checkmark the playlists to add it to and click "apply" or "ok". This would be very convenient.


Both of these would be a great way of keeping better track of songs. Otherwise, it often seems like songs are out there in limbo. This gives the songs/tracks even more status than just having a global "star" to mark the song.


Please, please, please add this feature! I made a mistake and now have found how difficult this is to do manually without such a feature.


Seriously awesome idea though! 


Sure hope to see this idea change status to "Implemented" or at least "Keep watching" soon. Along with functionality to add a song to multiple playlists from the same dialogue.


Please tell your friends to give kudos to this idea.

This is slick idea, I especially enjoy the check mark when you select "add to playlist."


Great idea. I'm crossing my fingers for this one.