[Playlists] Share playlists folders

I think it'll be great if we could share playlists folders and I'm surprised it's not implemented yet whereas this has been requested and got 100 votes every years between 2012 and 2018.

It's doesn't seems like something hard to realize.

It'll allow to make more specific playlists and share them easier with friends.


Hope you'll find it interesting too.

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Gig Goer

This would work especially well for people looking into other people's profiles with many playlists(such as myself) and exploring what your friends listen to becomes tedious. Being able to share folders would be a welcome feature for those avid on organizing their music via playlists.


We definitely need this, as a person with over 300 playlists categorised in many folders... This feature is quite missing. What I wish they would add as well, is the ability to show folders instead of playlists on your profile when someone else views it. When my friend looks at my profile, they see a mess of randomly scattered playlists, not the tidy music library I created. 
Overall folders seem to be forgotten about, even though it should be treated as one of the most important features along with playlists. They could add the ability to change folder icons or colours, the ability to make a whole folder secret or public. And overall better ways to sort your library, like view your playlists sorted by various filters


I tottaly agree with this idea!!

Like @nacho_baracho99 and @sporacek said, that would be easier to people who like to look at someone's playlists. The way it's works nowadays, its like so confusing, we see soo many types of playlists in an aleatory order...

I wanna see people's folders (if they put it in public, of course) and i wanna they can see mine too.

colors would be great too!! 

It seems community is trying since 2012, c'mon guys!! 



I really would love this. I have so many public playlists, I'd love a way for others to find what they're looking for quicker.

Casual Listener

Thank you, AmazingBite, for re-submitting this idea.
Since I'm a paying Spotify-Premium-User as many others and since nearly ten years (!) I miss this feature.

Sorting my music and playlists in folders like many others I would really appreciate this feature!

Just in case to show friends how I sort music and the can easily find fitting playlists and those they might like.

Please take a breath, Spotify, and make a think tank how to program that in a bunch of code lines.
Thanks in advice! : )


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Casual Listener

It's astonishing that Spotify is yet to implement this. Year after year people are suggesting this.


Perhaps the Spotify community system needs improvement. Sometimes ideas may be of huge benefit to members of the community without affecting those who don't need it. Not always should something need "500 likes" to even be looked at by the Spotify team.


Yes, I have been following this for some time now! We should be able to share folders rather than the cumbersome process of each individual playlists for those of us who have many playlists (I have almost 100)


Please add this to the list of features, it does not seem like a huge change to the app and this should already be a feature in my opinion


This feature is crucial to my work as a sound designer and movie composer. So far I have just shared all playlists in a folder and every other user makes their own folders in which they put the shared playlists. It's a whole lotta work. Put necessary.