[Playlists] Smart Playlists (Nested)

A smart playlist consists of other playlists, as one big joined playlist - it can be played in sequence or shuffled.


I believe this could be a game changer for the Spotify (playlist) eco-system.



  • In playlist creation, allow the user to add "sub" playlists
  • Also let them add other smart playlists
  • Playlists can be shared/reused in multiple smart playlists
  • Regular songs can still be added alongside playlists.


NOTE: This is not accomplished by playlist folders! See below.


Benefits over playlist folders

  1. Playlist Reuse: Any number of smart playlists can share a playlist! whereas only one folder can contain a the same playlist.
    This will allow having smaller, "atomic" playlists as building blocks of larger ones.

    Example: Below "Oldies"  is shared / reused by different smart playlists:
    Easy morning [smart] = (Oldies -> Chill
    Nostalgia [smart] = (Oldies -> 90's -> Specific songs)

  2. Sharing (A) - This could encourage playlist creators to make more nuanced playlists, as they will have a tool to compose more of them out of parts, instead of investing in a single large one, or copy-pasting like crazy.

  3. Sharing (B) - This could also open up an entire new content eco-system for compiling other creator's playlists, and re-sharing them as a new whole.

  4. Easy "temp" playlists - Currently, to combinine playlists for a party, drive, etc- you must break your organizational hierarchy to create a folder.
    This causes a mess to be cleaned later.
    Having a single "temp" smart playlist would allow you to change it's contents on the fly, without messing up your playlist organization.

I have more ideas, but I'll add them as a reply so this is more readable 🙂


I realize this is not a small feature - but for a few years I've felt It's absence, and I really believe this could be a game changer  -  if done properly.


Happy to hear any thoughts! 🙂

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Room for future development

This also opens the door on really exciting features that could follow!

To be clear, these are not part of my suggestion, (hence the different post).

They're just a vision of where this path could  lead, if chosen.


  • Smart Filter playlists
    • Workout = (songs in EDM  if bpm > 120)
    • Rock Epics = (songs in Rock if length > 5:00)
    • MyChill = (songs in Tom's  ChillPlaylist if liked by me)
    • Etc.
  • Full on query language:
    • ChillEDM = (songs in (EDM  and Chill)  except (Some playlist you don't want))

NOTE: even if chosen, regular users would not have to deal with this complexity.

But it could give power users tools to create much more sophisticated content for regular users.

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I would absolutely love to see this implemented 


Smart playlist is what most music libary users would want ! And together with this the ability to add tags of your own, so you can fully customize your library.  Come on, vote for this. But still affaid this idea dies with first :


Spotify Staff will look into this idea once it reaches the necessary amount of votes.

- once it gots enought votes : we have no plans to impliment this right now




@SuperSpasm wrote:
Smart Filter playlists Workout = (songs in EDM if bpm > 120)

If I understand correctly some of the ideas already implemented in external services, like Smarter Playlists by Paul Lamere. There are also more sophisticated ones, but requires programming skills.


If I understand correctly some of the ideas already implemented in external services, like 
Smarter Playlists by Paul Lamere. There are also more sophisticated ones, but requires programming skills.

Both of the services you mentioned look promising, and check a few of the boxes I mentioned 🙂


However, using 3rd party tools rather than a core feature has a few major downsides:

  1. It's always more awkward to use 2 apps, requires more effort and time
  2. Security - giving permissions to a 3rd party
  3. Higher probability of bugs due to integration
  4. No promise of maintenance
  5. Lesser result - I haven't tested these, but assume the Spotify API is limited compared to internal Spotify capabilities. A core product can always provide a better result and experience.


BUT- I think the existence of tools like these is yet another sign that this is needed!

I hope Spotify will take note and make this a first class feature.


@SuperSpasm wrote:

However, using 3rd party tools rather than a core feature has a few major downsides

As Spotify is a server based app, it's really not that much difference from which service you connect to it - internal or external. I agree that having integrated features would be a better user experience. But I prefer having 3rd party app, than not having any at all. I wouldn't worry that much about security, as both web apps connect to Spotify through OAuth 2.0 token and have same level of security as Google apps. You can read more about it here.


Someone programmed a way to easily shuffle multiple playlist into one playlist with autosync . First time i tried it, sync did not completely work, but  i had contact with the creator ,and he is doing some adjustments. Now the sync is working perfectly and you can edit the playlists you create afterwards : So as long as Spotify is not listinging to the wishes of the customers/music library lovers, this is the best next thing of a third party programmer :  

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Thanks again for your idea. We really appreciate it 🙂

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Glad to see this progressing 🙂

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