[Playlists] Sorting by saved songs of 'Your Music'

The idea is pretty straight forward , just add a button which allows sort songs in your playlist depending if they are in your My music collection or not just like this


Updated: 2016-06-13

Update: This idea has been submitted again here:



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great idea! you've got my kudos!


This is something that I have been wanting for years. I would use it every day and it would make organizing my music easier. For example: let's say I want to listen to one of Spotify's playlists, if I could sort this way I could easily see which songs I already like from that playlist. Another example: Let's say I have a playlist full of albums released in 2015; I would like to make a "best tracks of 2015" playlist; think of how much easier it would be to sort by the check mark and drop those in the new playlist! Anyway, I know this doesn't have a ton of Kudos yet, but I really hope to see it soon!