[Playlists] Statistics and Analytics for Playlists

There should be stats available for every playlist like number of listeners, most played song, etc.

This can help people know how they're playlist is doing and what's the best.

Update: This idea has been reposted here.


Updated on 2020-11-03

Hey everyone,
Thank you for your feedback on this idea.
We're setting this idea to 'Closed', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
If anything changes, rest assured we will return with an update.


I would love to have statistics about individual tracks in a playlist available, even if it was only through the developer API. I would love to write a simple application that can query the developer API for statistics like number of times skipped vs played per track. I can then use that data to either automatically curate or make suggestions for curating my playlists. 


TL;DR: --> If I can know what keeps my audience engaged with my playlists, then i can drive more paid subscribers to Spotify.


As someone whose job title is "Web Analytics", i would LOVE to have this ability/insight into my subscribers' engagement, such as oldest/newest subscriber date, average length of time spent listening to my playlists, which tracks are fully listened to vs. skipped over, time of day when playlist gets played most/least, etc., making it a win-win.

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Come on! Innovation! It isn't that hard Spotify...... Ok, Apple Watch app I understand it's to do with Apple but an insight tool for playlist curators isn't that hard....


Oh yea, would love to see my favorite artists, genres, playlists and songs at any time. Would also embrace see details on listening  durations etc 


I would love to see my stats, and be able to see how far my playlist followers reach.

i Think that i would be a great feature.


- pssst, please add it 😉 

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absolutely deserves the vote!


..just as a content creator on a platform like instgram needs analytics to learn more about his audience to adjust, a music curator needs analytics about his playlist audience to adjust (skipped songs, number of plays, who's following in general etc.)


Hope spotify will implement something like that to the mass in some way, because right now the followers count on a playlist is just a number, literally.

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Community Manager
Status changed to: Not Right Now

Updated on 2018-08-29

Hey everyone,

Thanks for continuing to vote for this idea in the Spotify Idea Exchange.


Right now, we don't have plans to make statistics like this available so we're keeping this as 'Not Right Now'.

We'll continue to pass your feedback on to teams here, and will keep you posted if we have any updates. 




How can you not have this on your agenda? Very strange to me... This would make ALL users feel more dedicated and change the way we build playlists.. @Melody


This idea makes a lot of sense. I’m sure Spotify keeps these stats for their own curated playlists, and I think it’s only fair for regular users to have this ability too. I hope it doesn’t stay as “Not Right Now” for very much longer.

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Hey! I just had this idea, was about to publish and it was already here! this is awesome and i think its encouraging to people to create more playlists. 


Thanks for this idea ! 

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