[Playlists] "Recently Added" Section in my Library for newly saved Music

An automatically created playlist should exist for the songs you Saved in the last 30 days. iTunes had this. This is such a basic feature for a music app. Dont just diss the idea because it didnt get 100 votes in a year. If the idea posts didnt expire in a year then this would be implemented already.

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2020-08-07


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Updated on 2018-08-04

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This would be great for me because I find new music in waves. I would love to have an option to shuffle only music I discover around the same time and save those playlists by date. 


I don't want to save all 3000 songs to my phone and I'd rather the system maintain a most recently added playlist.

I was thinking it could be the latest 50 songs saved or something easier to implement.


I don't always have the time to listen to what I discover, though most of what I do I discover through shazam, which is nice because there's a playlist for shazamed tracks. Maybe if there isn't a recently added playlist, the ability to create rules for playlist would be handy. Like the above idea by fandomofchoice, being able to group music by the criteria of when it was added to your personal library or release date. 

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I was more thinking if you've recently added a song to a particular playlist then spotify should bring up that playlist as likely for you to want to add to it again.


When following a genre for example, or a song radio, you are likely to want to continue to continue to add back to one playlist. Pretty much the Pinterest algorithm. I have so many playlists its annoying to scroll through them all to find the one I want to add to each time.

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actually a feature I need really bad.. pls Spotify why not do it?!


Spotify really needs to implement smart playlists like this. If I didn’t use my phone more than my computer, I would’ve just stuck with ITunes since it does have this 


This would be so amazing. I've tried using third party services and manually creating one, but it's just too much work or doesn't work properly. Something native (that is the same length as the Daily Mixes, perhaps?) would be a a dream come true.


need this so badly. So simple and so helpful


I wanted the same thing, so I made it myself 🙂 Feel free to try it out and let me know what you think!