Please make it easier to consolidate family members into the Family Plan

The method Spotify wants you to use to add family members seems to me a blatant attempt

to offer a family plan while making it extremely difficult  to do so.


Great marketing but you are gonna lose customers over this. 


Let me give you my kids' email addresses with my account as the primary and 

not have me cancel then readd them at a later date.(when ther premium sub ends) 


This is just plain ridiculous. 



*snip* cut out the eBay script.

Updated: 2017-01-05


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I second this, Spotify should make it a lot easier on the user end to add more people to the Family.  The idea of having to cancel your subscription first and then waiting for the billing period to lapse (while you're out of premium status) and then resubscribing as a premium member + Family seems absurd.  


Hopefully Spotify can rectify this ot make it more consumer friendly.  


Why wouldn't they want me to add family members??   I added 2 kids and now an 3rd wants in.  I have to cancel the rest of us to add a third kid???


I don't want to cancel my account to add new family members. Please fix


I also want to add another family member to my spotify family. Does anyone know if we can contact spotify directly and ask them to do it by giving them an email to add? This is really annoying!! I promised my dad I would offer hiim spotify premium for Christmas and he is still waiting for me to make good on my promise. 


Anyone know of another spotify-like service that will allow me to manage a spotify family easily?




Yes seriously spotify, I also offered as a gift to family members, but didn't realize I'd have to cancel and lose all of my playlists and saved music. This seems like an obvious flaw in the system. Please allow us to increase family plan and not have to cancel! Even crappy wireless providers have figured it out!
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Was told to come here by support, as to voice my opinion. This method of canceling a subscription, only to...subscribe...again, is remenicent of some late 1990s website running Cold Fusion as a backend.


Spotify - come on. Seriously. Just moved the family over from Rdio (whose upgrade/downgrade on the family plan is SUPER easy) and was gravely disappointed to say the least. Please fix this for others, as they come/go from your service. You have competition out there who make things much easier and who seem to actually want families to sign up; the first post in this thread is exactly what I was talking to support about.


...maybe this is what Taylor Swift meant when she said your service felt like an experiement? 


At the moment I would like to start a family plan with 4 other people of who some allready have premium accounts.

And although I consider myself pretty computer/ internet savvy I can't figure it out...


What I don't get is:


  • When will it start if everybody has different ending dates on their accounts?
  • What happens to our accounts when we downgrade to free?
  • Will the change be instant when it happens? In other words, will some of us go back to a free account (shuffle only on mobile/ adds) for some time before family kicks in?


What we need:


  • A userfriendly process, upgrade should be as simple as it sounds. Not click upgrade, then downgrade, change, etc.
  • More info on when to switch from premium to free (if this still has to happen...)
  • More support for this


 The idea is great, but it shouldn't be this hard to give you guys our money...


Agreed.  I wanted to create a new account to separate my office and home playlists.  I was going to pay for a second account to make this possible.  Unfortunately, adding the family member was not possible without canceling.  


Was looking for a way in help to add a new family member, piece of cake, follow the instructions....blabla then ckick on "Invite a new member". Went there as instructed and found nothing such as "Invite a new member" but only "Remove a member" button !!!!
%3?*!....hello marketing people??????