Please stop removing functionality from Spotify



Spotify have this annoying habit of removing functionality from new versions of the software and you only find out about it once you have upgraded.


Examples just in the last month are:-


Starred Playlists


Add to playlists offline


The Library


Sorting in search results


What's new


The old GUI


Other examples of note are playlist total length times which took 10 months to get back after it was removed.


People hate change anyway and given that losing functionality is a bad thing, I would suggest that instead of just enforcing loss of functionality on us, you publicise what you are planning to remove and why and then let people vote on it, rather than forcing us to try and gather people that agree with us that stuff should be reimplemented.....


Yours in hope,



Jon Scriven (scriven_j)

Update: This discussion will continue here:

This is quite an old and all it does is link to other ideas.

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I wanna add my personal opinion about the new GUI: is sh*** should give the possibility to the user to keep the past ones. I know the goal is getting more users as possible and after that pushing them to pay in some way but I dont think it s the right way.