[Podcasts] Remove Snacks Minute from Your Daily Drive

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Most of what I get on My Daily Drive is good, but Snacks Minute is possibly the most annoying thing I have ever heard.  Why not MarketPlace or the WSJ for business news?  I skip it every time it comes on, but is there a way to request that it never show up on my Daily Drive?

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I came here trying to figure out the same thing. I used to get the WSJ and I liked that. Now it's gone and replaced by this junk


Same here, That Snack podcast is the most annoying piece of trash they could have put in there.


I suspect podcast producers are paying to be included in Daily Drive and, therefore, won't be removed until they are no longer paid customers. If this isn't the case, why can't we skip annoying podcasts like this one?


We can block an artist from playing. Why can't we block that frivolous snack minutes? 


This podcast is so grating and I would love to remove it from my Daily Drive. It really does cause me to use DD less and just listen to a longer podcast during my commute. What's the point if I'm constantly skipping the same stuff everyday?


It is one thing to have to listen to a song/artist you don't like. But when it comes to news, people are a lot less forgiving about it. Being able to block a news source is the first feature implemented when a news aggregator service is first released. If people aren't interested in something or flat out don't want to listen to a news source, they should be able to block it. Just imagine Google News showing articles from Fox News/MSNBC News to a liberal/conservative and not allowing that person to block it. It would drive a lot of people away from that service.


Ideally, I would like to select what news sources are used with the daily drive instead of just blocking.


It's really getting worse. I refrained from listening to Daily Drive for several weeks because it was just frustrating. Yesterday I had a longer drive from work and thought I'd give it a try again. And it was just terrible. Well, at work in my office, I listen to Spotify and prefer calm instrumental music of the concentration and meditation type – music that doesn't distract me from my work. The result is that Daily Drive gives me a playlist full of ONLY that type of music! And this exactly what I do NOT WANT to listen to during my drive. In the car, I want completely different music. And for the lack of an opportunity to configurate Daily Drive, I will definitely not listen to it again until this problem, which apparently bothers many, is entirely solved.


It restores my faith in humanity to learn I'm not the only person who finds the Snacks minute absolutely awful.  Remember "the most annoying sound in the world" from Jim Carrey's character?  Yeah, it's been overtaken by that nasal effeminate millennial whining emitted by the show's hosts.  MAKE IT STOP, I IMPLORE YOU.


Why can I not mark "never play this podcast again" or something similar?


After starting this thread, I feel I am being punished, because now “Snacks” has replaced NPR News as is the first thing in the rotation every day. Whyyy??

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