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when you want to find a particular podcast you listened to it's hard to remember exactly who posted it and what date it was released (you have to scroll through all podcasts to find the one you want). By allowing people to search a particual word or the title of the podcast in the search bar and it to come up (or others with such phrasing) it can help find that podcast quicker. Also this helps if you want to listen to a podcast on a certain subject. Thank you :)

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Updated on 2018-12-25

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Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search. ;)


I would love this feature - spotify already displays the podcast when you search for a particular episode but having the individual episode show up would be infinitely more helpful - especially because podcasts have so many tracks/episodes to scroll through


Yes! We need a way to easily get to our favorite Podcasts.  I notice you can NOT favorite Podcasts.  Also, when I try to search for a podcast using the Genre option only a handful show up and when I click on Show More it just sits there searching and nothing else comes up.  Please help!  I can not get to my regular podcast at the moment because I have no way to get to it. It does not show up in the featured podcasts. It is very frustrating. 


I use the Web Player.


A HUGE gap and really strange that we even have to "vote" to make this happen.  Content that's not searchable?  What year is this?


This is something I need to ask for?




I want to listen to podcasts on Spotify but not being able to search and the "view more" function being slow i get frustrated and instantly revert to the Apple app


How is this not already a thing? It's irritating because I actually pay for spotify premium and use free apps for podcasts. Spotify should outperform free apps. This needs to be fixed ASAP.


this is literally a year old...  seriously, I can't search for a podcast?  I can't even find a few very popluar podcasts at all.  this implementation is a joke, and the speed at which you add functionality is even worse.  reminds me of why I left for a while.


This is a must! I was really happy to find podcast on my spotift app, then disappointed when I realised I couldn't search for my favourite podcasts!