Prevent Repeats in Radio

For having all the music in the world, I get tons of repeats while listing to spotify radio.  Can we have an option to have no repeats?

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Music Fan

Yes please!


I have made a playlist of fairly diverse music of about 400 songs. When I start a radio based on that playlist I don't expect to hear any repeats in a day... I think I have heard the same bunch of songs by the same artists waaaay too many timesl. Even to find some other songs from the same artist would help.


This is the main reason why I will not be continuing my subscription after my trial runs out.



There is a program called Denied that solves this issue. Other features include blacklisting artists /songs and blocking explicit songs. For $5 it is worth it. Unfortunately it is only for Mac.


Get it at:


(I am in no way affiliated with denied - I just paid the $5 myself. It just solves this issue that so many people are having)


Yes! Please!!
it is sooo annoying! 
from millions of songs in the net it is playing the songs over and over again..
I listen to radio becaue I want to listen to something new! 


YES PLEASE. Just because I "like" a song doesn't mean I want to hear it over and over. Love spotify radio, but need it to be more diverse. 

Music Fan

Great idea.  Far too many repeats cycle when you use the radio option.

Spotify Legend
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Casual Listener

Example: Playing Daft Punk radio causes Get Lucky to play twice only two hours apart. Don't do that.


Yeah!  I want this!


Spotify has so many tracks, but when it comes to radio, it pretends that most of the music catalog doesn't exist. It just makes sure that the radio is looped every 2 hours, no matter if we thumb down or thumb up, we'll still hear it VERY, VERY often. I'm NOT cancelling my subscription because of this reason, we just need Spotify to control its radio algorithms more. I certainly hope that this dilemma can be solved by the time 2014 is here. HOPEFULLY.

Casual Listener

They really need to invest some time into this. I stopped using the radio portion and started using playlists to try and alleviate the issue. But even on the PC, with a playlist and "repeat" unchecked, I get frequent repeats. It's like it plays the same 10 songs over and over. I think random track ignores the repeat option. 


It's the reason I left Pandora, as it got so frequent with the repeating. Given the fact this is a two year issue, I don't see it being fixed soon.


That, or at the very least, give us a playlist randomizer that'll jumble the playlist without using the random-track option.


For example: Indie radio are these bands again and again: Arcade Fire, Mumford and Sons, Death Cab for Cutie, Phoenix, The Shins, Kings of Convenience. I disliked Phoenix about 10 times now, but still get it on repeat. Please fix this!



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