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Prevent Repeats in Radio

For having all the music in the world, I get tons of repeats while listing to spotify radio.  Can we have an option to have no repeats?

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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Why is this still a problem?

Pleeeeeeeeeease! Access to Millions of songs and get the same handful like im listening to FM radio. Sooooo WACK!


Please fix this! I love my Spotify, but come on!  I'm a software hard is it to not pick the same song, artist, etc. based on what's been played?  Store what's been played in the past x number of hours, if collection contains song, don't play. Simple as that


Unlike an artist would be a great option!


Another oprion that would rock is to be able to play radio based on all of my playlists 🙂


Please improve this and I love you Spotify! 🙂 ❤️


This is a HUGE issue for me. I love the radio option for when I'm at work, but hearing the SAME EXACT song twice within one hour is ridiculous. If I wanted that I would listen to Top 40 radio. I've even had the same song repeat three times within two hours. Why??? Is it really that hard to create an algorithm to prevent this? Come on Spotify. FIX THIS!


Confirmed. I can report the following problems:


1. A song that I don't like after a while (<30') returns again;

2. A song that I liked return without the thumb up;

3. It happens that the same song is played up to 5-6 times per hour;

4. Sometimes I saw the same song in a row of 4;

5. it happened that, while playing, I liked a song and, after improved the station, I found the same song without the like flag. I liked again and I saw the same song again without flag... in loop until I simply skipped the song. 

6. After a while on some radio the songs are almost cyclical and usually I got one more song every ten songs in the worst cases (radio based on Ryuchi Sakamoto).


In general the range of songs seems very narrow even considering the same artist. I have create a station based on one artist and only about 20 songs of that artist are browsed.


All has been said above. Unfortunatley, because of the usless radio feature I will discontinue my subscription after the trial period. I wish Spotify would have made me want to stick to Premium.


Finally, after many moments of searching, I seem to have found a group of people who also share my frustrations with the repeating music on radio happening. 


I used to pay for Pandora when Spotify wasn't available in the US, everything was all well and good until the stations I had created seemed to just play the same stuff on repeat. When a co-worker introduced me to Spotify, I was sort of unimpressed with it. Once the radio feature became available on a mobile device I gave it a whirl. I was floored with excitement when I had finally heard a song I'd never heard on Pandora using the same search feature (Artist) I was so excited, I heavily started promoting the brand to customers and co-workers. But sadly, I think the time to shine has come to an end. 


It all started about a couple months ago when I was listening to my Morrissey - First of the Gang station on the way to work as I normally do. Then I realized that the same song was played yesterday, and the day before that. So I decided to do some experiementing and made a new station, this time something more obsure and not so mainstream so I decided to pick Cruel Hand - Lock and Key (crappy hardcore/metal) and what do you know? The same thing happened, 3 days in a row I'm listening to the same music. 


I did a little digging as to why this is happening. Apparently it's only viewable on a mobile device, there's a hamburger icon in the top right corner that shows "play queue", this is a neat feature, however I cannot edit (add/remove) tracks from this list. So it's technically not really radio just some playlist with poorly related artists that don't fit into the genre. 


I really hope this changes, obviously since it's been going on for more than a year or two it may not. Just wanted to throw in my two cents.


I discontinued my premium account because I couldn't delete artists from my Artist Radio Stations, and because the music played became too repetitive.  I'm happy that Spotify added the ability to remove unwanted artist radio stations, but I won't return as a premium user until more variety is added to the Artist Radio feature.  The mix of different artists has been fine, but I want more albums from each artist and I want Spotify to go deeper into each album instead of playing only one or two tracks.  An 18-song loop defeats the purpose of using Artist Radio!


I also receive a lot of the same songs that I already have in my playlists or star list. I like having a radio function so I can discover new music that is similar to a band or artist that i enjoy.



Has this been fixed? I know Pandora allows you to mark a song "Dont play this track" and it will omit the song from the playlist for 3 months. What has Spotify done to correct this?