Prevent Repeats in Radio

For having all the music in the world, I get tons of repeats while listing to spotify radio.  Can we have an option to have no repeats?

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Updated on 2018-06-15


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Radio based on playlist shouldn't play you songs already in that playlist. 


Seriously? 2 years... I know 120 kudos isn't a whole lot but... this really is such an obvious and great feature to have... im not sure why it hasn't been implimented as of yet.


It's absolutely rubbish! I sometimes get the same song only four songs later on the Indie radio! Can't believe how bad it is considering the catalogue of songs spotify has.

Solution is to disable shuffle and repeat buttons while in playlist mode and then get back to radio. I think that this can solve a problem

I stream music all day at work (8 hours a day) and it would be nice to stream one radio station the entire day without having to switch every couple of hours.  The current radio stations seem to only contain a couple hours worth of music and then the same congs repeat in the same order.  Also, every time I start a radio station it starts with the same songs I listened to the previous time I listened to the station.  For having millions of songs you would think the radio stations would handle more songs than a couple of hours.  Please fix this issue.


It is so annoying to get repeats when listening to Radio on Spotify. Rdio does a much better job allowing you to tweak how varied or similar selections when creation Radio Stations from an artist. Please fix this. No repeats for Radio stations.


I started a radio station based on David Bowie. He has released over 500 songs. Couple that with related artists, really I should be able to listen for a week without a repeat? Lust for Life by Iggy Pop? I love the song. It comes on about once an hour. Love Cats? Another fun one from when I was a teenager. I've heard it 5 times in the past 3 days. 


I'm not sure about others, but I turn on the radio feature because I want to hear a diverse set of songs that I'm likely to enjoy that plays nonstop for hours while I'm at work. Really, a massive amount of improvement is needed here.


This idea was initially posted over two years ago and the same-handful-of-songs-repeating issue is still a glaring problem...probably my least favorite thing to have to deal with when using Spotify. I'm fine with hearing the same song every once in a while, but FIVE times when listening to the same radio station in ONE day??


Expand the number of artists/tracks you include in each station for starters, spread the love (i.e. play time), and don't let the same song be played in the same day (if I really want to hear that song so many times, I can do that on my own). The radio should be a place for users to expand their horizons and find music they haven't come across before.


Spotify has acknowledged that this is a good idea, and I'm not really saying anything that hasn't already been said, so how many people need to complain about this (or give it kudos) before it gets fixed? I'm not a technical wizard by any means, but I can't imagine how this would be a difficult problem to solve. The sooner the better. PRETTY PLEASE!!


I had no idea this problem was ocurring for 2 years.... I only just noticed.


The thing I hate the most is the order of songs stay the same on an artists radio station.  So my Zedd's Dead radio station starts with the same 10 songs EVERY TIME!!!!


Glad I have been paying for a service that does not care about customer concerns.  Over two years of documented problems and no response!  Time to question my subscription!


Come on,since 2012 and still nothing?