Private session playlists

I love the Facebook integration, but every once in a while, I use the awesome private session feature. I have realized that I use feature only when listening to the music of certain platlists. Wouldn't be great if you could tell Spotify to automatically turn private session on everytime you start listening to specific playlists? 🙂

Update: This idea has been submitted again here:


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That would seem a modest, reasonable request... So what are your guilty pleasures, then...? Smiley Wink


Myself, I have a playlist titled "TEST_AREA" that I drop albums into that spotify has recommended or maybe are interesting new releases.  In the beginning I wasn't aware of 'Private Session' mode and these things would influence future recommendations, which was annoying if I really didn't like it after all.  Now I try to be diligent about turning it on and off, but it would be SUPER CONVENIENT if I could establish/toggle a playlist as always for private session mode.


Here's another idea: put an icon next to a playlist that indicates it is being shared, or is not private, or perhaps is private.  Either way, the brain & eyes like little icons, we read them faster than jumbly words. 


That's exactly what i need ! I'm sharing my spotify account with my dad and it would be great if he didn't had to push the private session button every 2 hour or so, so if i can make his playlist always private, that would be great !