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Hello, most DJ's and perfoming Karaoke DJ's would appreciate to have version of Spotify which is made for Live perfomances. Meaning you cannot play song without purcasing  playback rights for it. How ever you could see all the songs available. To purchase song you could purchase one or collections like 18 or 32 songs chooched by yourself and have fixed price for collections. Also Spotify could make own collections and offer them as "Great Price Collection".


I explain the problematics about current Spotify:


Currently at least in Finland, Spotify cannot be used at Live perfomances because there are millions of songs available nearly for free, and Teosto and Gramex gives huge taxes if they appear at the gig. Also Spotify agreement says:


only for private usage


Since atleast Finnish Teosto and Gramex says when song is copied you need to pay DJ licence fee to them which amount depeands on your collection size. 250 songs is minimal fee and more and more the more you need to pay for DJ Licence. How ever due to nature of DJ being more hobby than normal day work, nearly no DJ's can afford to these licences.


How ever because CD as a format represeand as "Original" song that is not copied, you can play these wihtout DJ licences. So in the current DJ world you cant play nothing more than CD's as a digital format and do your sampling. Even the sample in HDD is regarded as "copied" song and even one found, you need to pay the minimal 250 song 300€ licence.


Since the main issue in this problem is that physical version of the song is either "original" or "copied" and since Teosto and Cramex says that all physical songs in HDD are copied, copied from original song which is produced by someone somehwere on the planet they say they can ask DJ licence fees.


This is where this idea could come handy. Since Spotify already has millions of songs and they are saved online as "Originals" which you can play but currently Spotify Agreemend only says "Only for Private usage", now you could make DJ version of the software, where in order to make Spotify agreement as "Agreed for live perfomance" you could publish Pro Spotify version, which does not play any song without purcahsing licences to play the song. I mean you just buy right to play the song. You could buy 1 or 20 or make a list how many, Spotify could make many songs discounts and stuff. Since Spotify can track what you play, Spotify can handle Artist payments to right people. This way Spotify could gain more ground in DJ world.


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A similar idea has also been suggested here:

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