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[Profile] Reset or hide Recently Played Artists

Status: Case Closed

I have been seeing a lot of people complaining that their Recently Played Artists list is either inaccurate or rarely updated. I am experiencing both of these problems. A function to reset the list would help, but at the very least Spotify could bring back the option to hide it from your profile.



Updated on 2021-06-24

Hey everyone,


We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and feedback to this idea.


While we don't currently have a reset option on our roadmap, it's already possible to hide recently played artists from your profile. This can be toggled on/off in the mobile app settings:



Since part of the idea is implemented and we don't have any other news to share at this moment, we'll mark it as 'Case Closed'If anything changes we'll be sure to check back in.

Status changed to: New Idea

I agree, have had the same problems. My recently played artists update every month at the most, and usually show artists I am not even that fond of and only sampled a song by.


Yeah I'd like the option to hide/edit my recently played artists as well. Pretty annoying that it displays artists you play in private sessions too. I think I'm leaning towards canceling my account specifically because of this issue, which sucks but it's the absolute worst and most obnoxious feature on Spotify.


Jayrados...  I'd like to share your concern.  It looks like the "recently played artist" section doesn't really work and there doesn't appear to be any way to disable it-- searching for the word "privacy" in the help sections don't seem to touch on it, looking through the forums there did appear to be button to disable them at some point, but it seems to have vanished.


At one level "recently played artists" just seems broken and/or manipulated by some strange algorithm that promotes massively popular commercial music.  For example, my list has things from an artist (Beyonce) who I listened to once but I'm wondering if because she is so popular, she is flagged as of interest in my profile... but it doesn't seem to register my obsessive (near 24/7) listening to someone many magnitudes less popular like jazz saxophonist Albert Alyler.


At another level, it seems strangely oblivious to a consumer's preference to some level of privacy or how they're represented.  Does Amazon automatically publish a list of "recent books read" or Target publish a list of "recent purchases by brand" without giving you any control of that information?  I'm sure your attorneys don't have a problem with this behavior, but frankly it is alarming and has me looking for other options for online music.


YES. Especially if I listen to an artist during a private session, he/she/they should NOT be in my recently played artists! That's the point of a private session! At least allow me to remove it after. Example: just because I listened to the Backstreet Boys in a drunken state on a Saturday night doesn't mean they should show up in my recent artsists... I'm not actually into the whole "boyband" thing and quite frankly, I don't want this on my profile!


I completely agree. This was an option before wasn't it? I remember having it disabled and suddenly realizing it was showing up on my profile again... And I agree, it's pretty ridiculous that when you listen to something on Private Session it still shows up on you Recently Played. Hoping this is resolved soon.


I had a verified profile and I want to remove the recent played artists of it.


Is that possible?




yeah pls help



 What is wrong with u Spotify that u are not listening to people when the masses have a huge problem with a feature???

I do NOT like Carly Rae Jepsen and there she is, on my list just because that one time I left the room when I had the TOP100 list on :S


Well, I, for one, am thrilled that random things appear in mine from when friends come over or kids use my device.  Especially because I'm paying $9.99 to have my real name associated with it. No, please, go ahead. Allow everyone to stalk my every freaking move.  And please, don't allow me have a second of privacy or default to that assumption on any platforms, whatsoever--especially not when I'm paying for the presumption I'd be able to opt out of the "social" side.


In fact, you might as well stream my mobile camera publicly whenever I'm listening to music.  That goes double for if I'm doing so on the crapper.  Actually, why stop there? Go ahead and stream the mic so that you'll hear me singing, too.  Make sure any sort of camera-and-mic privacy option expires when you least expect it, too--and make absolutely certain it always expires, because clearly nobody in their right mind would want privacy all the time. Besides, these are all important things the world needs to know about me.




But on a serious note, this is getting annoying, and in fact it is why I'm teetering on other options, despite having been a regular premium user since the US launch.  The others aren't as comprehensive, but they don't broadcast my every move and remember everything I've ever done against my wishes--or if they do, they don't appear to make it available for the world to see.  It's not a hard thing to do. I know it's not a hard thing to do. So please, just do it. You can check my forum and customer service history:  this is the one thing I've actually asked for over the course of several years.