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[Queue] Queue to Next or Last

Status: Case Closed

Present two options on rightclick, Queue Last and Queue Next. Very easy to implement, and useful. 


The way I been using spotty lately is to keep adding to Play Queue, it has gotten really long and sometimes I want to listen to something right now, then I have to add to queue and then move the songs all the way up to the top.


Mediamonkey have had this implemented since long ago. Mediamonkey is btw the best musicorganizer I've ever owned or tried. 

Updated on 2022-06-14

Hey everyone,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange.


We've discussed this feature in-depth internally and also carried out a variety of tests with different groups. Based on the results we can confirm that for the moment we won't be changing the existing way queueing works. As we don't have any immediate plans to implement this, we'll be changing the Idea Status to Case Closed.


If we do have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.


More info on why your idea has been closed can be found here.


This should be a feature. It's what I miss most about Apple Music.


"Move top of the queue" is sorely needed. Spotify needs to listen to its customer base. We have been begging for this feature for years. 


I long for the days when I could drag a selection of songs to the queue icon, and place it wherever I wanted within the queue. I listen to Spotify for 8+ hours a day and my queue often gets extremely long. If I change my mind and want to reorder items in the queue, the current drag/drop system gets extremely cumbersome. This is my #1 complaint with the Spotify desktop app. A simple command in the contextual menu would suffice, which wouldn't add any complexity to the existing UI. 


Well I got 2 premium subscriptions and I'm thinking of leaving.

The queue thing has been driving me NUTS for quite some time. Whenever I play an album on my phone, then there is no way to queue any other album AFTER the one I'm currently playing is over. It always comes right after the song that's playing. Honestly, paying 20€ per month and not being able to do that very simple task calls many things in question.

YouTube just launched its own music platform. I'm detinitely gonna check it out. So this may be a farewell. Too bad, I used to like Spotify. 


Could you at least add a "move to top" option on the queue item context menu? Currently with new tracks always added to the bottom of the queue you have to manually drag a track all the way to the top, which is slow, laborious, and cumbersome at best. Not optimal user experience. Very simple just to add "queue next" option!!!


Not to mention, practically impossible on touch interfaces. Believe us, we've tried. Live queues are basically unmanageable without this - the moment the queue is used for more than a few quick additions, it simply becomes more practical and user friendly to just use temporary playlists even though they aren't really suited for the task either.


It's all we've been asking for years now, and we keep doing so because its impact is huge compared to its complexity. Either a "Play next" option that enqueues the current selection and inmediately moves it to the top of the queue, OR a "Move to top" one for items already on the queue. That's it. Fixed.


Both can be safely hidden inside a context menu and are perfectly distinct, recognizable and intuitive (because of, you know, being there on every other music app including the older ones). And let's be honest here, there's no credible way to paint this as a technical challenge either.


So the only excuses left are plain incompetence (too busy/understaffed to pay attention to anything that isn't top priority) or an intentional corporate decision.


And if it's the latter, why? If there is an active strategy in play to subtly shift users away from control of their listening experience (see also: arbitrary limits to library management, removal of existing features) and more towards automatically pushed content, is that a wise decision for a company whose dominant position isn't that cemented (several of the largest companies in the planet as direct competition included), especially when it particularly erodes the perks of being a paying subscriber?




"Hey folks, right now we're not looking to implement something like this. We want the process for tasks to be quite smooth rather than making them more complicated. If we have any plans to change this and add the 'queue to next or last' feature' we will let you know here first. Thanks!"


Seriously. Keeping it "simple" is actually making it more complicated than it could be.




i think you all should cancel your spotify subscriptions and come to Google Music which is more affordable AND has this function that we need.


It's so basic. In all other apps it exists: Apple music, YouTube, almost each media player, etc. Because it's nessecary. They all have: 1. "add to queue", which means add to the end of the queue (like real queue - FIFO). 2. "Play next", witch means add to the top of the queue.


You want it to be simple, but this is the most clear, logic, understandable and comfortable way to do it.


That's how a queue should work!




It's kind of frustrating, because, in my daily usage of a music player, it's the most frequent use case, I do it all the time. I can understand the wish of a clear and simple UX, but this is the reason why I always end up stop using Spotify after some time, and why I find the mobile app fast not usable at all (couldn't find a simple "play that album in the original order" button, for instance).


This "add this album at the end of the queue" thing could be a feature to be enabled first in the settings, that way the interface won't confuse regular users. I use a mobile app that works that way, I'm fine with it. Of course, it won't be compliant with songs automatically added to the queue, that's fine too.


I hope someone at Spotify will at least consider this. Thanks !


Yes agree with this totally. Would be nice to have the option to Add song to "next in queue" and Add song "later" (End of the queue)  So that i can move it to where i want it in line later, instead of constantly having to edit the playlist after every song i add.