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I'd love the ability to skip an upcoming track. For example, if I'm listening to music, I can go to the Play Queue to see what songs are coming up. I might like the order of upcoming tracks, except for one or two. It would be great if listeners could skip these tracks. If I've added these tracks to the queue, I'm able to remove them, but if they are upcoming unqueued tracks, there's currently no way for me to skip the track except reshuffling (which loses a song order I might be fond of), deleting the actual track from my playist (bad), waiting to manually skip the song when it comes (inconvenient), or queueing all the upcoming tracks and hen removing it from the new queue (also very inconvenient).


Another aspect of this I think could be helpful would be adding a "Skip" option in the right-click menu. If I'm on the play queue, it would say "Skip", but I'd be able to achieve the same result by just deleting it from my upcoming tracks in the queue. However, if I am in a playlist, using the delete key actual removes the song from my playlist, which I would not want. In this instance, you just right click a song in the playlist and hit "Skip". If the play order remains the same and you do not change what what playlist you're listening to, the song will be skipped next time it is reached.


When a track is skipped, it still appears in its same position in the Play Queue, only grayed out, allowing the user to "Un-Skip" if they choose they would like to listen to the track after all. If the user reshuffles their Play Queue while songs are set to be skipped, the tracks will be reset to normal (not set to Skip). Also, it would be a great addition to this feature if the queued songs were able to be re-ordered among the upcoming tracks.


A song set to be skipped would appear in its same position in the Play Queue until the following song begins playing, at which point it would appear as it would disappear, not showing up in the History, as it was not played.


Double clicking a track set to be skipped in Play Queue automatically un-skips the track and skips to it, the same as any other track in the Play Queue.


NOTE: This is not the same idea as Make entire play queue editable. To be honest, I think that idea is complicated and over-dramatized.

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Your idea was submitted a while ago and unfortunately didn't receive the amount of kudos needed to stay active in the ideas board (100 Kudos per year). 

In order to keep the Ideas Exchange clearer I'll close this idea for now, but this doesn't mean Spotify rejected this idea.

If you think this is an idea which needs to be implemented, you're welcome to post it in a slightly different form.


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Yes @felix95! My thoughts exactly. I'm gona share this idea to my other social media profiles to try and get more attention.



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Woah, wow! I just checked in. Thanks for the support everyone. I appreciate it!



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Possible duplicate of this idea

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Hey folks. We're updating this idea again as it has continue to grow. We don't have plans for this we're marking it as 'Not Right Now'. However, should anything change we'll let you all know here in the Ideas Exchange. Thanks for continuing to give us feedback!


Agree, Agree, AGREE!!! Would love this feature. (the lack of this feature took off points in my review of the app). I love that I can access all my playlists from iTunes, but it would be so nice to be able to skip over some songs even though I still want them in my playlist.


AND along with that, how about a NON-Shuffle feature. Why is this even a feature in the first place? Please think of adding the skip feature to the free app version asap! (and having the choice for a non-shuffle)


This has 300 up-votes, along with a handful of encouragement via the duplicate requests that hadn't seen this one, ... so why is it still lingering in "Not right now" limbo? 😞   


Just came here looking to see if this idea had been posted yet and was happy to see it was already being suggested. REALLY hope this one gets implemented soon. Would be an awesome feature.


Hi... just re-visiting this as I'm using Spotify increasingly on both my laptop, and now on my new Amazon Fire tablet (formerly Kindle?)
My spin on the idea is different though.... It'd be really great to   'dislike' tracks, so that you can listen to stations repeatedly, or artists, etc... and not have to keep going over to the device to skip tracks that you permanently want to skip.