[Queue] Shuffle queued Tracks

It would be useful if the shuffle button would also changed the order of queued songs too.

I like to randomly add songs/albums to a playlist of songs I want to hear now but it's annoying shuffle is ignored when you add songs in this manner and having to create a playlist just to shuffel negates the point of a queue system.

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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Shuffle the queue feature would be such a great thing for Spotify.


You can let the default way be as it is, where songs in the queue play in order.  This won't piss anyone off.


But for those of us who like to explore music by, for example, shuffling through 4 albums where tracks play in random order, it'd be a great feature to be able to do this in the queue vs having to create a playlist every time.


This is so simple, and such a good thing (Rhapsody actually has a better interface than Spotify because of queue shuffle).  I'm super surprised Spotify is still clunking along without shuffle queue option.


I'd start a petition but not sure who'd listen to such a first world problem.


Have a good look at WinAmp, the one program ever to get playlist implementation right.


I see this was originally posted in 2012... Hopefully there's some progress on this.


Maybe it's just me but when I have shuffle turned on, my assumption is that the list of songs in queue should play in a random order, regardless of the order that they are sitting in the queue (hence the word "shuffle").  Isn't that the way it works for when playing a playlist in Spotify? Not sure what the point of having the shuffle on if it's not shuffling anything...


The reason I'm even making a comment is because I'm sure there are many people like me out there that have this same assumption, and I just went through Discover and added a bunch of albums that I wanted to try, only now to have a list of 10+albums all playing in order, and it's not worth my time to go and manually order these in a random order...


I'm new to Spotify and have been pretty happy, but this was quite frustrating, especially with the lack of a "clear queue" button, but that's a separate feature that I think is missing.

Yes. Welcome to the world of Spotify: a glaring hole with not being able to shuffle your queue.

"Just make a playlist". Well, call it a first world problem, but we music enthusiasts like to be able to stream/listen to multiple chosen lps in random order and we are sorry, Spotify, for this seemingly unique request. We will march how u ask us to march and apologize for whining about requesting shuffle queue feature for 4 years now.



Seriously, considering paying for premium, but don't think I will if this can't be done in 3 years. I might as well move on now before I make too many playlists. 


I don't understand how Spotify has been around this long without this being a feature. This seems like it should be pretty basic. Shuffle has been around for decades now, since the advent of the CD. C'mon guys, get with the times, especially for those of us with paid subscriptions. Seriously, why are we still talking about this?


Come on already!!!!  Just do this!!!


Yes, please add this feature!


why cant we give any feedback directly to spotify? for us premium members this is especially a problem... why the hell do i pay for a service, yet have no way of contacting that said seller?  plus.. this bull**bleep** with the queue buisiness is absolute garbage... on my desktop, i cannot even delete the songs once they are on my queue...let alone get more than one album to shuffle at a time..makes it really hard to use spotify like any normal person would.. im mean what the **bleep** is the point of the shuffle button if you put three to five different artists in your queue, yet it only shuffles each album seperatly? do they not understand how frusterating it is?  i have been waiting almost a year for these morons to fix this obvious marketing ploy... and as a paying customer. i should be heard and ACKNOWLEDGED...SPOTIFY!!!! FIX THIS **bleep** NOW!!!


Unbelievable how nothing changed in over three years. This is such a simple feature so many demand.