[Queue] Shuffle queued Tracks

It would be useful if the shuffle button would also changed the order of queued songs too.

I like to randomly add songs/albums to a playlist of songs I want to hear now but it's annoying shuffle is ignored when you add songs in this manner and having to create a playlist just to shuffel negates the point of a queue system.

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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I too miss the possibility to play streaming music in shuffle mode from queue. Please fix!

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So this idea was sugest more than a year ago, and i'm still wondering why random/shuffle does not work with queue already. :/

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Boggles why this doesn't work, why would shuffle be a dead button while playing the queue


+1 This should be a standard feature. 


+1 please


This can't be that hard to integrate


+1, agreed! This is driving me crazy and would be a very useful feature as I often use the queue to listen to new music before organizing it into appropriate playlists.

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Yeah, as Filipedls notes above - Google Play Music has this feature, it's important enough to me that I'm trying the service out. The pricing is the same. Please, Spotify, listen to your customers! I've been a paying premium (now on Family Plan) customer since you became available in the US. I'd don't like the idea of rebuilding playlists on another service, but if you can't do this obvious, obvious, feature - I might be tempted to defect.



new to spotify and premium. just added two albums to the queue. then pressed the shuffle symbol but nothing happened. queue is playing in order. as a long time google play music user, I'm shocked to discover that my queue can't be shuffled like all other players. what is the shuffle icon even doing? I can't figure it out... people have been asking for this for over 3 years??? what is going on? I like to queue like 10 albums and then shuffle them. is the only way to do this by making a playlist? weak. the competition has your functionality beat. this and not queuing to the end of whatever is playing when adding to queue. I don't get it. How can your dev team think "yeah this is great"??? mind boggling.


I'm DJing a spur-of-the-moment christmas queue for a party with my classmates, and I reeeally wish that shuffle could work on the queue. I now realize I could have put things into a playlist, then shuffled that, but I didn't think of it until coming here and thinking about why the product team might argue against the idea. But, I started playing when people asking for music, then adding from various christmas playlists ... so now I don't want to change it over to a playlist. 

Anyway, thanks for a good product overall, but this would be super nice-to-have. Also, thanks for finally letting us remove songs from discovery weekly! That started here, and I am so glad to have that ability now. :)