[Queue] Shuffle queued Tracks

It would be useful if the shuffle button would also changed the order of queued songs too.

I like to randomly add songs/albums to a playlist of songs I want to hear now but it's annoying shuffle is ignored when you add songs in this manner and having to create a playlist just to shuffel negates the point of a queue system.

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Updated on 2018-06-15


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+1.      Sometimes I've moved songs around manually in the queue to simulate the shuffle feature.      The queue really ought to have the same functionality that playlists have.


+1 on this. I love having a large playlist to take me through a day of work. Thats an 8 hour shift and at least 150-200 songs depending on length. Having to manually re-order them so they don't play in alphabetical order is a time consuming process I don't have time for when I come to work. I want to be able to press play like I do with any playlist, and get right on with my work with my headphones in. 


Please do add this feature. I don't really understand why its not there when it is easily implemented in a playlist in any music playing software. You can of course shuffle your play queue on other music playing software, and dare I say the competition... 


+1 I really need  this, I use the it almost every day at works and it annoys me that something so simple is not available.


+1 - I really need this.


You are right but it can be solved in this way:


Here comes the "solution"...

 1) create a playlist (for ex. TEMPORAL)

 2) drop the list (not the song it contains) into the "Play Queue" ("cola de reproduccion")

 3) now you can randomize all your Play Queue (because it comes from a playlist...)

 4) you can add or delette songs in your TEMPORAL ant it applies directly the "play queue"




The ability to shuffle all tracks in the queue is a fundamental requirement for all media players.  Spotify is the only player / service I have used that does not support this feature.  What's the problem?  Your customers have been pointing this out for over a year.  I am  new to the premium service and find the lack of response to this request  (and many of the basic flaws) joke.


The more I search the request forum the more I see that customers are being ignored.  Customers will ultimately vote with their dollars.





P.S.. You might want to add Spotify to the spell checker. But then again the "spotty" suggestion may be appropriate.




Original request was filed in February 2012, its now March 2014 and this is still not implemented.


Wonder what it takes for Spotify to react... because 2 years of requesting this have not paid off

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It looks like spotify simply consider this way of queue better than the one proposed by many. Pitty. New version of app is actually pretty good but this is a huge minus. Wish I did not have to 'hacking it' through temporary playlists to enjoy properly listening.
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