[Queue] Shuffle queued Tracks

It would be useful if the shuffle button would also changed the order of queued songs too.

I like to randomly add songs/albums to a playlist of songs I want to hear now but it's annoying shuffle is ignored when you add songs in this manner and having to create a playlist just to shuffel negates the point of a queue system.

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Updated on 2018-06-15


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My only concern is how do you determine when you want to shuffle the queued songs and when do you want to play songs in an order?

I often shuffle my playlist and then just want to add 1-2-3 songs on top of the queue, because I just feel like listening to them. And after that, the shuffled playlist just continues. So if the shuffle would influence my queue, that wouldn't be feasible for my usage.


So if not implemented in a transparent way, this would be a -1 for me.


I am astonished that I cannot shuffle the songs I drop into my queue.  


This i why i never use spotify. i litterly made an account 2 years ago and i come back every 6 months or so to "give it another shot" and this is the sole reason that after 5 mins i go back to my primary music provider. Unfortunately grooveshark was taken down and now rdio has been bought by pandora son now i go to youtube. Why is on-demand music streaming such an uneccesary complication?


Spotify!!!!  Why does your player have to be difficult???  It's ridiculous how the play list and queue songs are handled, how added songs are added and not mixed in, how I can't put in 5 albums and shuffle them up (like I could 25 years ago on a cd player), how I pick an album from an artist and 10 more albums get added below.....I could go on and on.  I've been following posts on this site for a year and apparently, listening to your customers is not a top priority.

Take just about ANY FREE media player out there and the current queue handles things just fine.  But noooo, not Spotify.  I can't even say it's archaic, because no player that I've ever experience operated like this, EVER! 

Even a simply CLEAR THE PLAYLIST button would be nice. 

Media Monkey would be a good example of a player that works 'normally'.  It simple and concise, and I'm never surprised by how things are added or what order they are playing in. 

Make some progress on you customers requests PLEASE!!!!! 


Yeah, liike everybody else has stated this problem is beyond infuriating.....could it be that artists or ? demand that the queue work the the way does in order to create play counts/profits for individual artists?  I know this sound crazy as well, but surely it's not a technical problem, so what gives?


Another feature we shouldn't need to ask (beg!) for. It's a basic function of any well designed music streaming site.

It's also why I've moved on from Spotify and cancelled my paid subscription. Don't incorporate basic functionality that's requested, and I just go elsewhere.
Need to find something that has this feature cause without it this app is useless. Also annoying that the played songs can't be gone back to. An if you skip ahead in the "queue" all songs skipped disappear. Even making a playlist to shuffle songs isn't working because if you want to say add your discovery weekly playlist to a bunch of other songs then play on random you can't add the other playlist to the new without going through it song by song like its the 90's or something. If they don't fix these problems or revert back to the "way it was" I'll probably be switching to something that does what I want it to. Any suggestions really frustrated trying to figure it out when all I want to do is listen to music.
Freaking out over here what's a good music streaming service. ???