Queue all tracks (from playlist)

This is fairly simple. I like the "Choose as Current Playlist" option when I'm not going to be listening for too long, but I would also like a "Queue all tracks" context menu option that adds all tracks in the list to the main queue, instead of having to first select the list, then select all tracks and "Queue".


The reason I'm requesting this is that I make lots of smaller lists, some that contain my favorites from a particular artist, some that contain a single album etc. and it would require a lot less clicks (and no key presses) to queue them. I frequently queue up lots of stuff when I'm at work, where I listen to music all day.


Not a critical issue, but it makes a lot of sense to me usability-wise and seems like a very quick thing to implement.

Updated: 2015-11-17

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Queuing a playlist would be a brilliant and simple addition. Please can we have it? love and kisses
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This is a very critical issue for me. It's the one issue that will make me stop paying for premium altogether and stick with Rhapsody. Rhapsody's features and usability is so much better than Spotify. But I like that Spotify has a little more to choose from music wise and I love the discover feature that suggests artists for me. But my favorite feature on Rhapsody is the queue. It's on the home page so it's easy to find. I can add any one track, any album and inside each playlist menu is the option to "add to queue". When I'm at work, driving in my car, having a party or whatever. I like the ability to put together ONLY what I want to hear. Then "clear all" an start all over. I have a few favorite playlists I add to queue when I have get togethers or I'm somewhere else and someone says "We need music!" I can add only the playlists I know people will want to hear. This is sooooooo simple. And necessary. I use to also be upset that I couldn't shuffle all downloaded tracks. But FINALLY I can. Spotify is making progress. Maybe one day I can cancel my Rhapsody subscription and only use Spotify. At some point I'm going to have to choose.
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Oh, it would be nice to have the queue in the Your Music section where we can swipe to it like everything else. Have an edit button to remove individual tracks and a "clear all" button. =)

Please add a way to add playlists to the queue with one touch, rather than adding them song by song. I would like to add a few playlists to play one after the other, and doing it by song is very tedious!

MOG had this feature, Rhapsody has it, and Google Play has it (I use, or have used, all these ervices).

A " Clear queue" button would be nice also.

Surely Spotify can join this club!

Thank you.


You can create playlist folders in the desktop software and play everything in it by right-clicking the folder in the sidebar, either in shuffle mode or as sorted. By moving playlists to or from them you can generate e.g. party or workout music very quickly, but you need the desktop software to do it, as the mobile apps can only show and play the folders, but not organise them. Unfortunately the web player does not know folders at all yet.

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you could select all the songs on a playlist (by using shift), then right click on the selection to add to the queue

This is also a critical feature for me as I've just switched from Rhapsody and the ability to shuffle playlists together in the mobile app was key. This is because I arrange my playlists as themes and then like to layer them depending on my mood. I can't be the only one who does that. Telling me I have to use the desktop app to create a folder for every permutation of my dozens of playlists is completely unreasonable. What if i want a playlist to occur in multiple folders since they are now being used like this. Do I copy all the songs each time? What if I add a song to a playlist and then have to go add it to the instances in like 6 folders. This is just madness. Please add the simple button, which you already have for albums that says add to queue, to the playlists. I'll be going back to Rhapsody.
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Looks like this has been a request for a couple of years are we going to get this as an option? Right click add playlist to queue... make it happen....
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Sonos has this feature so it must be implemented at the API level... not sure why this hasn't been added to the Client yet?!?!?

Please yes this would be very convenient! @spotify TEAM: Please respond to this case!