Queues - It's about time this was sorted out.

Ok, maybe this is going to result me being told I'm using it wrong but I think it's about time the queue system was fixed as currently it's rather, well, stupid. I'm going to go through a little use case here to explain why.


Being the man of fine taste that I am, I decide to throw on Bear vs Shark's "Terrorhawk" album, I do this by navigating to the album page and double clicking the first track:




Great stuff, after a few tracks I'm well into post-hardcore mood so I decide to have a browse through one of my big playlists and find a classic. Of course I want to finish the current album first so logic dictates this is where queuing comes in useful, so I right click and queue:




This is where things take a turn for the stupid though, because one was just double clicked and the second explictly queued I end up with this:




Annoying, but surely I can just drag the tracks back to where they should be in the playlist? Well sort of, if you do they act like "queued" items but the originals stay where they are meaning I have my first album, the second album, then all of those tracks from the first album again!


The solution? When it comes to queuing, regardless of how they end up there, all items should be treated the same. If I start an album with a double click the items it creates in the queue should be the same as when I right click and queue. I should be able to manage them the same, and they should not be lower priority than items I right click and explicitly queue.



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Guess you saw it coming: that's not how most people expect the queue to work.

When people queue songs, it suggests that they want to hear them next. That's pretty much the whole idea about the queue for most people and it would most likely rather confuse them if this was changed.


Nevertheless, I've marked your idea as "New idea", in case some more people think it should act different! 😉


There's also an idea about the option to choose queueing songs at the top of the existing queue or after it here.

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I want to hear that album next after the first album has finished, your concept is fine but you only apply it the idea that a user listens to individual tracks rather than albums.


@premify: That's not what "Queue" means, though.  What you describe is more like "Play this next". "Queue" mean, "Play after everything else that's currently in the queue".  That's just English.


It suddenly occurs to me that you're thinking like a DJ: "queueing up" a record means playing it next.  Only... I'm fairly sure that's "Cueing", like snooker.  I've always thought so, anyway.


Must check: To the Googles!



I like how the Queue works now, but I want an option like: "Add to Current Playlist". So a song, album ore playlist is added to the end of your "Play Queue", or shuffled inn to it when shuffle mode is active.



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I would actually settle for a simple way to turn my doubleclicked "play queue" into a yellow queued "play queue" so that I can "queue" more tracks/albums at the end.


@kingysilvers wrote:

The solution? When it comes to queuing, regardless of how they end up there, all items should be treated the same.

Just keep in mind that only those items in the play queue that are yellow are explicitly added. White items are added implicitly by your current playlist and ordering strategy. So, for instance, if you go to an artist page with 72 hours of music, double-click the track at the top of the list and have shuffle turned off, the track you double-click will be explicitly added to the play queue as the currently playing track and the rest of the 72 hours will be added implicitly because they are on your current playlist. If everything currently shown in the play queue were to be added as explicitly queued items, then double-clicking one track on a playlist would add ALL tracks on that playlist to the play queue, and the next track you queue after that would be placed at the end. I, at least, am not a fan of that.


If you want to play an album once, then move on to something else, you can simply select all tracks in the album and queue them, and you won't have the problem you describe. If you've already double-clicked the first track in the album - queueing the rest of the album to be played after any explicitly queued tracks - then you can right-click a playlist and select "Choose as current playlist" and the white elements in the queue will be replaced by that playlist instead.


I am also interested in this feature. Having two options in the menu would be enough: "Queue" and "Play next".

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Queue and Play Next options would be ideal. That's how Google All Access works, and it's a perfect solution.

I cannot, for the life of me, make sense of the queueing logic in Spotify. I agree that things are seriously f**ked as they stand. Example: I get bored with what's currently playing and decide I want to listen to an entire album I have added as a playlist before. Easy, right? Should be. I double-click the playlist name, expecting to play that entire playlist, and therefor that entire album. First track of the album I want starts, and I walk away. NOT SO FAST! After the first track is done, the queue reverts to some other stuff that I had there before, and the album I want is interrupted. Can someone please explain why?

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