Quick scroll bar for iOS

Update the Apple version of Spotify to allow you to scroll all the way to the bottom of your playlist on the right side of the screen instead of having to drag the screen up several times to get to the bottom which takes so much longer. The android version already has this so why can't the Apple version?

Updated: 2016-04-02

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I would prefer having a single button at the top, to automatically scroll me to bottom, or a way to change the ordering of the playlist so that the recently added ones would appear on top.


But no matter what the solution is, the issue is the same, it takes too long to scroll to the bottom, and I usually want to start listening from a track that I have recently added.


Not having this ability really is annoying. It would also be really useful to be able to change the sort on the playlists, e.g. Date added, (asending/descending); A to Z ; Z to A etc.


this is literally the 1 feature that is currently making me use apple music insead of spotify premium.


please add this


its stupid to scroll for 15 seconds to reach an artist name starting with Z


Please implement this feature! This is a must! Seriously

100+ Artists and you're scrolling for days! No thanks! 


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Version 3.4 for iOS added the ability to sort inside playlists. (5 versions ago) and it will save the order even after you exit.




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Good news!


In version 3.9 there is now a quick scroll to the right in areas that have been sorted by "title" (ABC order)


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There definitely needs to be a scroll bar to access the bottom/middle of larger playlists. I have an extremely hard time finding a song I want to listen to because I have no idea how far I've gone down in my playlist to even look for it. Please add this feature!
Just updated on android and lost this feature to scroll on the side! whhyyyyyyyuyyy?

Bump! I lost this feature on android when I updated the app. Why has the quick scroll feature been taken out?! Bring this back please!