[Radio] Offline Stations

I would like to see you add offline listening for radio stations. When on Wi-Fi the radio station could automatically update, so when you are off Wi-Fi you could have a variety of music without having to use mobile data. (this would be similar to the slacker radio version, but instead of having the manually sync the radio, it could be an automatic feature when you open the app and are on Wi-Fi)

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

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It's similar, but not the same, the other idea does not mention having it auto update the station, this makes it more user friendly and changes the idea, I also tweeted it to spotify and they made no reference to the inactive idea.
+1 just switched after 3 years with Slacker. Might have to swirch back. Making me manually update a radio playlist seems incongruous with a simplified user interface.
C'mon: the guts are there, just sew them up!
Please! I run, bike, fly—and used the Slacker auto-update station offline to discover new music. Bah humbug!

This is the feature that is preventing me from switching back to Spotify from the other big music service I'm using at the moment that is supporting that feature. I just create a radio station, mark it as offline and listen to it at work. When I'm back home it downloads a big bunch of new songs automatically for all the stations I've listened to. Would be great if Spotify could also do that. Until then: I'm out.


This would be a really useful feature to have. Google play music currently provides something very similar to what is described here which I found worked very well when I used its trial.


While not quite the same as what the OP requested it is worth noting that the caching of Spotify Radio content is automatic and the music won't stop if your network goes offline. Well that's what I experienced on my Android 6 tablet with Spotify v5.6.0.701.

I found that you can turn off wifi while Spotify Radio is playing and it will continue to play tracks. I was off wifi for at least half an hour and it played about 10 tracks that were automatically downloaded to cache ahead of playing time. Once all tracks in the cache were played there was silence as it had jumped to a track in the radio playlist that was not yet in the cache. However I could resume music by selecting a track I had already heard from the playlist and it would replay just fine. And as expected, if I restarted Spotify while wifi was off I would get error message "You're offline" so naturally radio could not be accessed again.

So the trick is to start Spotify Radio with your network connection on, listen for say 15 mins and when you turn off your network connection Spotify can continue to play those tracks it managed to download to cache. Obviously the longer you play the radio while connected the more it will have managed to put in the cache for later. Just don't restart the app. I realise it is not the full "offline" feature people are asking for, which I agree would be great, but at least we sort of have something.


I've just switched from Google Music and the lack of offline radio is a real disappointment. 


Google Music, Slacker, Pandora, they can all do this. Please, please, add this feature. Thanks!


I just activated the 3 month offer, at this point I don't think I'll renew... This is too sketchy, closing the thread and asking people to keep re-voting on a yearly basis...


This does seem like something of a no-brainer. I would like to see this feature added as well.