[Radio] Play multiple Radio Stations

I love Spotify, the Radio works really well. The only thing mising is the ability to play, or shuffle multiple radio stations at the same time, like Pandora. 


Please add the ability to shuffle radio stations.

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Updated on 2018-06-16


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Something like this.

shuffle radio.png 

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Just joined Spotify and can't believe this option isn't available already! The station selection should just be a toggle on or off to add them in to your personalised radio station. I want a mix of metal, soul, rock, alternative, electronic, trance etc and can't be alone in liking a good mix!




I am trying to do the exact same thing referenced in the pandora example.  I love the quality of the spotify music.  I would love to be able to shuffle artists and radio stations (pop, 60's, 70's 80's, country) as i could in Pandora.


I agree it is better to listen to more than one radio station

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This is something Pandora has had for years and is a real deal-breaker for me. Own a CrossFit Box, not really interested in playing specific tracks, just a great set of random songs based on genre. I'm giving Spotify premium a try for a month, but will discontinue and move back to Pandora since you guys lack this basic functionality.


Guys i just started using Spotify. I was really surprised to see that it doesn't have shuffle radio option like pandora. This doesn't seem to be a a very complicated feature. Why is it missing here ?


I can't believe there aren't more people asking for it.  It's what keeps me from switching from Pandora despite the wider music selection on Spotify. 



To me its a deal breaker - In my music collection (itunes) I have playlists and playlists made up of playlists. One genre can get a bit repitive but mix it up and I can have it on all day. May be spotify don't want you to listen to the service for too long.

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This.  Making a station from a playlist is very broken.  This is would be ideal.

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