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[Radio] Play multiple Radio Stations

I love Spotify, the Radio works really well. The only thing mising is the ability to play, or shuffle multiple radio stations at the same time, like Pandora. 


Please add the ability to shuffle radio stations.

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-16


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Yep. I'm new and baffled, too. Not being able to shuffle different radio stations at the same time is a deal breaker, and there's no way I'm paying for a subscription. It's a shame, because the music selection here is far superior to Pandora.


I would absolutly make the switch from Pandora and pay for Spotify membership, but not having this function is a deal breaker 😞



A must if you want to win over the Pandora listeners!!  Come on Spotify...catch up!


I am trying to change our music player from pandora to spotify at my work, but this is a big change. Before we could put in multiple radio stations and everyone gets to hear something they want. can you please, PLEASE!, make this an option. I have had spotify premuim for years and this is the only option that I don't like not having!


I also would really like to have a shuffle option for radio stations.  It would be ideal if that could also include my songlists but the radio stataions is the one I want most.  Please fix this Spotify.

Casual Listener

I completely agree with everyone above.  DO THIS, or I will be leaving.


I was rather excited when I saw how much larger spotify's selection was than pandora's, and I enjoy the interface much more and appreciate being able to select specific tracks and move through them freely. But not being to shuffle radio stations will defeat the purpose, and ultimately I'll end up leaving without this feature.


I agree with all the comments here, however I will not be going back to Pandora, simply because they don't have enough music and after a while depending on what you're listening to, you get the same songs and almost always the same albums.  I love the Pandora shuffle feature as well but I think I can brave listing a song from the different genres I want and letting Spotify mix based on that until they give us this feature, which I hope will be soon.

Can't believe that there is no way to shuffle radio. I don't want to go back to Pandora.

Well, when my free month is up, I'm out... NO Shuffle Radio-->LAME!!