[Radio] Play multiple Radio Stations

I love Spotify, the Radio works really well. The only thing mising is the ability to play, or shuffle multiple radio stations at the same time, like Pandora. 


Please add the ability to shuffle radio stations.

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-16


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I have actually decided to do the same thing. They all can give you radio, but to be able to shuffle is a huge advantage in mybook.

Spotify has a vastly superior music library, BUT not being able to shuffle all stations is maddenily frustrating...

I'm in agreement with you all.  I've been waiting for years for Spotify to add the station shuffle functionality.  Unless I'm mistaken, Pandora is the only one that offers it.  I agree with some commenters, however, that the Pandora playlist is woefully inadequate, resulting in far too many repeats.  I'll be "shuffling" between Pandora, Spotify free and iTunes for now. 


Has Spotify commented on whether or not this is in the works?

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Yeah, Spotify, maybe you should comment on this....
No they haven't, as far as I know.

Come on Spotify...Respond to the question...When are ya gonna activate Shuffle Radio?




shuffling the radio stations is no longer a new concept.  Please make this happen.  it is particularly annoying when your favorite (spotify) is one-upped by Pandora.  Thanks I look forward to "Radio Shuffle"


I wish spotify would  respond to this, we want radio shuffling, will not use until they add  this  feature.