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The Artist radio function is brilliant but I would like to be able to create a radio station based on more than one artist. For example now I am listening to a station based on The Lumineers and is starting to get a bit tired of slow folk pop songs. But if I could add some Foo Fighters related songs to that mix the radio station would become much better. 


And once this radio station has been created and I have clicked the thumbs up and thumbs down a number of times to make the station even more perfect I would like to save that radio station so I can listen to it again without having to create it once more. 

Updated on 2017-11-10

Hey everyone, we're going to mark this idea as 'Case Closed' today. While this has been a live idea since 2012 it has always been marked as 'Not Right Now'--and we want to be more transparent about the likelihood this will be built. We believe users can easily achieve this by creating a playlist of the multiple artists you'd like to base a Radio station on. Just go to the playlist, add two or more songs (one from each artist you'd like) and then select Go to Playlist Radio.

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Ok idea. Can't login to my spotify right now for an unknown reason, so I can't check, but is it not possible doing that by adding both bands to a playlist and then base a radiostation on that list? Thought I saw that somewhere...

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That would work, I guess.

Another possibility is using http://www.spotibot.com/playlist/

You can create a playlist (up to 50 songs) on severeal artists. Just click on "More options" and you can add as many artists as you like. After you created the playlists you can simply drag the new playlist into Spotify.

I kinda prefer it to Spotify Radio because it doesn't repeat the chosen artists that often.


Even if it's possible to set up radio playlists based on multiple artists initially, that detracts from the overall radio experience, in my opinion. Having to stop and start over after something occurs to you is a minor inconvenience, but an inconvenience nevertheless.


As you're listening to Artist X, you're getting a decent mix of similar artists. Having the ability to add another artist - perhaps from a different genre - into the mix on the fly would greatly improve the overall experience.


I've found that when I base a radio station on Artist X, I tend to get my majority of songs from the same 5 or 6 bands. As I'm listening, I find myself wishing I could mix it up some more by adding songs like those from Artists Y and Z on a pretty regular basis.

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Definitely a good idea... simply makes it much more Pandora-like... which is always (I'm sorry to say) a good thing in terms of radio functionality.

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Spotify to me is like iTunes.  It is lacking in features (MediaMonkey and WinAmp are just a couple to name that are much better than iTunes.)  But they've done their marketing right enough to get all the mainstream users.


The ability to create a station by selecting either one of your Playlists or multiple artists to use as "seeds" for an AI (Artificial Intelligence) component which will tailor the station to your preferences is a severly lacking feature.  This feature would expand to other artists/songs which based on other users's who picked the same seed artists but gave a thumbs up to these other artists.


That's why I still use Pandora and that's why Pandora gets my money right now, not Spotify.



How is it possible that this idea has only 38 kudos?? I'm totally with JazzyJeff, this should be top of the list in the planned enhancements, if I only want to listen to my own music I'd just pick up a CD from off my shelf, and if I only want to listen to random music I'll just switch on the radio...

The whole purpose of these streaming services should be bridging the gap between the two and allow people to get to know new artists they might like, and new independent artists to reach potential fans out there who might like their music!

Come on Spotify guys, let's do this multiple artist radio thing for those outside of the US who can't enjoy Pandora...!


I was so thrilled that Spotify is finally available in Poland, but the I found out it lacked the radio stations shuffling feature... It sucks... Back to Pandora and Grooveshark.

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I just want to let people know that the above playlist solution does not work.

I mainly listen to radio sataions based around the likes of Mumford & Sons but when I create a playlist containing only Daft Punk & start a radio, Spotify reverts to my normal music. I skipped tracks loads but no sign of anything close to dance music.


Spotify please allow mixed artist/genres radio stations to be created.


Pandora premium gets my money for the shuffle stations feature alone. I listen to all kinds of music except country. I mainly listen when im playing games. i want to hear all kinds of different music w/o alt tabbing and manually changing the station. Creating a playlst is a huge pain and too much trouble. I just wanna start it up and get my game on while listening to random tunes. If it wasn't for the lack of this feature I would probly switch to spotify.

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How about shuffling different artist? Creating a radio (not necessarily in the actual radio) but for example I want to listen to pink Floyd, blink 182 and Coldplay, well then Spotify will shuffle these three artist ONLY and anytime I can add or delete artists

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