[Radio] Radio Station with multiple Artists

The Artist radio function is brilliant but I would like to be able to create a radio station based on more than one artist. For example now I am listening to a station based on The Lumineers and is starting to get a bit tired of slow folk pop songs. But if I could add some Foo Fighters related songs to that mix the radio station would become much better. 


And once this radio station has been created and I have clicked the thumbs up and thumbs down a number of times to make the station even more perfect I would like to save that radio station so I can listen to it again without having to create it once more. 

Updated on 2017-11-10

Hey everyone, we're going to mark this idea as 'Case Closed' today. While this has been a live idea since 2012 it has always been marked as 'Not Right Now'--and we want to be more transparent about the likelihood this will be built. We believe users can easily achieve this by creating a playlist of the multiple artists you'd like to base a Radio station on. Just go to the playlist, add two or more songs (one from each artist you'd like) and then select Go to Playlist Radio.

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Just like Budweiser isn't the best beer, Spotify isn't the best streaming service.  But like Budweiser, it's the most popular.


$20.00 idea:  Add tip jar to artist home page.  Spotify has our credit cards already.  Let's de-guilt ify.


So here's what you do. Make a playlist with the artists you want, then you can base a radio station off of the playlist. I even have a "liked from radio" radio that automatically updates itself so no matter who I discover and give a thumbs up to, like bands are added to the radio queue.

Interesting idea Daniel but how do I add an artist to a play list? I also have a "liked from radio" that is automatically updated but I would rather select the artist, album, or song and create a radio station based (or play list if  you like) on that selectuon.  I can then unselect the ones I don't care for from the album or artist.  It also adds the mix I want to the play list I create.


This is how I use Pandora - I have a long list of artists and put them all on a shuffle.  My first impression of Spotify - much better sound quality and a much better music library, but I won't consider premium until the artist radio supports a list.  The ability to select and deselect artists from the shuffle also needs to be there.  I'll dump Pandora in a second once this goes live.




You need to add the ability to simply shuffle music from ALL of my radio stations. Pandora does it, Rdio does it and it's my most used function. I'm currently on my Premium Trial of Spotify and I was shocked that you don't offer this shuffle ability in your UI. I'm probably going to go back to Pandora if you won't offer shuffle. I don't want to be locked into a genra then be forced to decite on another genra when I get tired of the first one you froced me to choose.


I really don't understand why you don't offer Radio Station Shuffle!!!


Since this thread has been live for almost three years and Spotify has done nothing to address what is important to us I would not hold my breath in the hope it will ever happen. I cancelled at the end of my trial and will just stay with Pandora.

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Great idea, +100 :)


I have read a few of the comments. so let me know if there is a duplicate. but i will play my playlist radio. i have 1200 songs on my playlist. so in theory it should not replay the same 4 artist over and over. it sould play all artist similar to the bands in the playlist. and it should throw in some new bands not on your playlist.


I do not want to generate a playlist as such.  I want to be able to seed a personal station with songs and groups and have a decent algorythm play songs from those I seeded and ones that are similar. I should be able to thumb up or down for favorites and dislikes. That is the way Pandora works but I would switch if I could find another service that offered a similar method. Rdio seems to offer the same method but I read Pandora is buying it so I'm sure they will screw it up.

Try Slacker Radio! You can create your own station of artists.